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Fox News has Achilles’ heal, and it’s Bill O’Reilly:

“As Fox News sinks, MSNBC is on the rise. One of the keys to MSNBC’s recent success: progressive political commentary, spearheaded by Keith Olbermann. … Since election day, Olbermann has been nipping at Bill O’Reilly’s heals …”

An estimated three people have called or written about our Nov. 16 discussion of brozine/brozene. There’s a consensus on what it was and how it was used, and a near-consensus that brozine was the more common spelling.

Somebody referred me to a web site that says, “In the early 1900s, many businesses were located in remote, inaccessible locations and the owners of the businesses were reluctant to have, on site, a large amount of cash. As a result, it became a practice to utilize ‘brass money’ often known as brozine. [A sawmill owner] would pay off his laborers with brozine and they could use the brass money to trade among themselves, buy groceries and other items at the company commissary, and probably gamble with it.”

Judge William R. Wilson Jr. writes:

“They used brozine for trading at the commissary in Forester [Scott County] during the Depression, and perhaps during the Second World War. I don’t remember it myself, but I often heard older folks talk about it.” Wilson says that he; Kenneth L. Smith, author of a book called “Sawmill,” and a man using a metal detector once walked over the old Forester town site in an unsuccessful attempt to find brozine.

“Caddo River Lumber Company owned Forester from when it was built (1929) until the end of the war, when it was sold to Dierks Lumber and Coal Company,” Wilson says. “I am fairly certain that Caddo River was the company issuing the brozine.”

Rob Sherer of New Orleans writes that the Sept. 28 issue of the Arkansas Times mentioned that “[John] Wesley was a bit, well, mythodical … “

Devout United Methodists believe that Wesley was more methodical than mythodical, Sherer writes, though “Calvin and other theological foes of the Wesleys” might disagree.

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