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 “Another building of interest is the medieval Bishops Palace adjacent to the cathedral … The chapel and tower are still there along with a contemporary heritage garden. Tour guides have a number of tales about grizzly events that once took place within the walls.”

I hope those bears weren’t doing in the palace what they’re supposed to do in the woods.

“Afghanistan’s winters normally mean months of rain and snow, turning dusty roads into impassable muck and rendering most warfare impossible. The country has traditionally seen winter breaks in its decades of conflict, where fighters return home to families or hunker down on bases until fighting resumes in the spring.”

At one time, hunker was used only jocularly and only in speech, not writing. It seems to have gained respectability.

Merriam-Webster says that hunker means “crouch, squat” and is normally used with “down.” It’s “probably akin” to Middle Dutch, Middle Low German and Old Norse words that mean “squat.” But, paired with “down” again, hunker can also mean “to settle in or dig in for a sustained period,” regardless of what position one is in. That’s how it’s used in the example.

I can remember a time in the late ’50s or early ’60s when hunkering — the squatting kind — was a short-lived fad among college students. A photograph of half a dozen University of Arkansas students hunkering away was published in Life magazine, and Life was big in those days. But before long, we all stood up, donned our raccoon coats, and began swallowing goldfish.

Justin Time:

“The Dragons are led by Justin Easter and Justin Hoof. … Filling out Junction City’s stable of runners are Daniel Hopson, Justin Cook and Grantel Kennedy. … Cross County, meanwhile, has a multifaceted offense as well. The Thunderbirds were led in their 24-10 quarterfinal victory over Dardanelle by Justin Selvey’s 65-yard touchdown reception and 57-yard interception return.”

Boys’ and girls’ names rise and fall in popularity. Obviously, Justin was hot 17 or 18 years ago. If one of those Justins had been named John, he’d stand out from the crowd today.

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