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Words, Sept. 2, 2010



Hardy Boys get the reboot:

"The long-running Hardy Boys Mystery Stories series ended in 2005 and was replaced with a reboot series." As a former fan of the Hardy Boys, I didn't like the sound of this even while I wasn't sure what it meant. I had to go to Wikipedia to find out what a reboot series is:

"The term reboot, in media dealing with serial fiction, means to discard much or even all previous continuity in the series and start anew with fresh ideas. Effectively, all established fictive history is declared by the writer(s) to be null and void, or at least irrelevant to the new storyline, and the series starts over as if brand-new." This media reboot comes from the computer reboot, meaning "to restart."

I suppose the Frank and Joe I knew have been replaced by tattoed louts with their underwear showing. Probably more into playing guitars than solving crimes. I don't want to know what's happened to Nancy Drew.

Hardy boy wins award:

We picked him as a comer back at the start of the baseball season, and now Rowdy Hardy, a left-handed pitcher for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, has been named the winner of the 2010 Minors Monikor Madness Contest. The annual contest recognizes the best name in minor league baseball.

Bring me the head of Jack Lewis:

"Recent attempts to paint Harry Truman as a raging populist ignore significant portions of his presidency, such as his willingness to let the Office of Price Administration wither, his argument that Joseph McCarthy's populist attack on the State Department (the senator's demonization of the silver-spoon Ivy League elite) was dangerous, his building of the national-security state, and his dislike for labor unions in times of crisis. At one point, he talked of shooting John Lewis, president of the United Mine Workers."

Obviously written by someone not old enough to remember Lewis. Those who do know that, like John D. Rockefeller and John Q. Public, the great labor leader never appeared in public without his middle initial — "John L. Lewis."

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