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Words, Nov. 11



Plurals and Teabaggers gone wild:

The election results were dire, and the pain worsened when I read a New York Times report — "Of the 37 states voting for governor, 24 races were open seats, thanks to terms limits ... " Until then, I'd seen the phrase only in its natural, uncorrupted form: term limits. But it appears that language, like government, has fallen into the hands of extremists. Pluralization runs rampant, unchecked and unnecessary. Any day now, I expect, we'll see discussion of caps and trades, torts reforms, and budgets deficits. Global warmings and national securities will be on the political agenda too.

Weep no more my ladies:

Among the more compelling spam (spams?) I've received lately was this.

"My name is Carol 75yrs old of age. I stay at Queen Elizabeth Hospital London. I am a good merchant. I have several industrial companies and good share in various banks in the world. ...

"I am a very greedy woman with all cost I don't know much and care about people, since when I had an experience of my difficulty to sleep and give rest. Ending of last year (September) I was sent a letter of medical check up, as my personal doctor testify that I have a lung cancer, which can easily take off my life soon.

"I found it uneasy to survive myself, because a lot of my investment cannot be run and manage by me again. I quickly call up a pastor/prophet to give me positive thinking on this solution, as my adviser. He ministered to me to share my properties, wealth, to motherless baby/orphanage homes/people that need money for survivor, business woman and man for their investment and for future rising.

"Therefore I am writing this letter to people who are really need help to contact me urgently. So that I can make available preparation on that. Especially women of the day, who are divorced by their husband, why they cannot survive from feeding their self. Please contact me and stop weeping. ..."

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