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Words, March 18



Still vulnerable to tarts, though:
“Most customers are not aware that the City of Benton does have torte immunity for this type of damage which means they do not have to pay for any type of damages to your home or belongings due to sewer backing up into your home.”
An anonymous correspondent writes, “If I had torte immunity, maybe I could lose a few pounds.”

“Did you notice in Bob Lancaster's column this week that he used ‘barpit'? I remember the first time that I wrote about a stolen car being found in a bauxite ‘barpit,' I was told by my editor that it was ‘borrow pit.' Have the rules changed?” — Wayne Jordan.
Lancaster has written extensively on this topic. He does so again for us.
“ ‘Borrow pit' is probably correct, inasmuch as the roadside depression is caused by highway construction workers ‘bor-rowing' the dirt and piling it atop the road bed. (This is how the highway gets ‘high.') But a term's derivation isn't the only con-sideration in deciding the best usage. In South Arkansas, we've always pronounced ‘borrow' as ‘bar.' Since the thing is al-ways called a ‘bar pit,' I think it's only natural to write it that way.”
Works for me.

“And this particular entry in that group of movies also contains one very instructive clue to the morays and censorship of the time in one scene, in which the hero meets the heroine bathing at an oasis — the makers seem to have been forced to insert a particular shot that is there for no other reason then to make it clear that she is not totally naked when he sees her.” — All Movie Guide
The thing I remember most about the movie is Dean Martin singing “That's a moray.”

Ty Debole writes, “What if Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and their followers took control of the government? What would that be called?” I'd call it a mess. The more erudite would call it an ochlocracy — government by the mob.

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