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Words, March 11



?Every dork has his day:
The American Prospect is a very serious political journal, so I was surprised to find in it a column subtitled “geek love” containing some playful new terminology. A TAP staffer interviewed a young woman named Aminatou Sow about “Why are the ladies so into Peter Orszag?” Orszag is President Obama's appointee as director of the Office of Management and Budget. Ms. Sow is “co-founder of, a site devoted to the man who puts the ‘OMG back into the OMB.' ”

TAP: “Aminatou, you identified Orszag as a hottie over a year ago. What exactly is so appealing about [him]?”

SOW: “Besides his quiet and dashing looks? The man is good with numbers and ultimately very smart. Basically he is the mathlete you al-ways wanted to date.”

TAP: “OK, as perhaps the only heterosexual woman on the Eastern seaboard who is not taken in by his dashing LensCrafters frames and toupee-ish haircut, I have to press you on this: What makes Peter O. different from any other government geek?”

SOW: “I remember the first time I saw him on C-SPAN. He was obviously a number-crunching policy nerd, but he had a personality to go with it. You don't find that combination in the wonk world.”

TAP: “So you're saying he has it all. Total package.”

SOW: “Yes. He is adorkable.”

On the wall, perhaps:
“Jim Holt to Announce for U.S. Senate with a Fly Around.”

They know not what they do:
“Hiding from merciless militiamen and trekking through unforgivable mountainous terrain, Madhel Majok escaped the mass slayings and genocide of the Sudan that killed his parents.”

Michael Klossner writes: “Mountains are not unforgivable. They are unforgiving.”

Jim Harris asks, “When someone says, ‘Don't get your dobber/dauber down,' how should it be spelled? One source I found had it spelled dobber but said it came from the old painter's term of dauber.”

Webster's Third New International says the slang word that means “spirits, courage” is dauber: “Just keep your dauber up an' your mouth shut — Harold Sinclair.” The origin is unclear.

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