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Words, July 1



We shall stick it to the middle class on the beaches, we shall stick it to the middle class on the landing grounds, we shall stick it to the middle class in the fields and in the streets ...

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee stays on-message in a news release about a Republican senatorial candidate:

"CONGRESSMAN JOHN BOOZMAN CONTINUES STICKING IT TO THE MIDDLE CLASS — VOTES AGAINST TAX RELIEF FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN KEY VOTE — Congressman John Boozman continued his habit of sticking it to Arkansas's middle class by voting against a commonsense, bipartisan bill which provides tax relief and other incentives to jumpstart small businesses ... 'Congressman John Boozman continues sticking it to the middle class, this time by voting against a commonsense, bipartisan bill that will provide necessary tax relief to Arkansas small businesses,' said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy. ... Congressman Boozman has a record of sticking it to the middle class and ignoring the needs of everyday Arkansans."

Let's take the bullisome by the horns:

Congressman Boozman's opponent may have coined a new word during the Democratic primary.

"At the Forrest City event, one woman complained to Lincoln about someone knocking on her door supporting Halter who rudely demanded to know who she voted for. 'Those people are not Arkansans for sure,' Lincoln responded. 'Unfortunately, they are bullisome in many instances, and that's not how we are in Arkansas.' "

What if the Earps and the Clantons had missed connections because the Earps said, "We'll meet at the OK Corral" and the Clantons went looking for the Okay Corral. A lot of Western movies wouldn't have been made, that's what. And a world without "My Darling Clementine" would be a poorer world indeed.

Is it OK, O.K. or okay? The Associated Press stylebook says OK. But several usage authorities say that all three are all right, and some lean toward okay, because it has normally spelled inflections — okays, okayed, okaying.

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