While a faithful K-9 unit can often be a cop’s best friend, the love was just not there between one officer-in-training and her dog on Nov. 9. That day, a female undercover officer with the Little Rock Police Department saw her new dog turn on her during a training session, resulting in injuries to her hand, upper chest and throat.

LRPD public information officer Lt. Terry Hastings refused to name the officer, citing her undercover status. The officer’s injuries required a day’s hospitalization and surgery on her hand, Hastings said, adding that she is now back on the job. As for Fido, Hastings said the dog would not be destroyed over the incident, but would be moved “someplace else in the department.”

Merry Chri$tma$

Those looking to kick in more than china, flatware and juicers for outgoing Gov. Mike Huckabee might consider attending the (last) “annual Governor’s Christmas Gala.” Scheduled for 7 p.m. Dec. 16 at the Statehouse Convention Center, the event will be hosted by Governor and Mrs. Huckabee, with music afterwards provided by the governor’s band, Capitol Offense. Tickets for the gala and concert will set you back $500 each, with money going toward Huckabee’s Hope for America PAC, which he is using to build support for a presidential candidacy. If you only want to attend the concert, those tickets are $50.

For more information about the event or Hope for America, call 1-888-427-2208. The number is one-stop shopping for all things Huckabee, with a recorded message detailing instructions for donors and the vision behind the PAC, which — the message says — “allows the governor to support political candidates who share his commitment to social and fiscal conservative principles.” Like himself.

Selfless servant

Speaking of gifts: Thanks to the Arkansas Leader for a recent editorial that reported a quiet fund-raising effort to equip the conference hall in the new Arkansas Studies Institute of the Central Arkansas Library and name it after CALS director Bobby Roberts, who’s spearheaded the library’s remarkable growth. The editorial continued:

“But Roberts got wind of the plan — the dedication was to be a surprise — and ordered a halt to the fund-raising and the memorial. All the money that was raised was returned with apologies. Thanks but no thanks, the director said. Quietly, letters went out from Roberts to everyone who had received the solicitations saying that he deemed it inappropriate to memorialize a public official for doing his job. He might have added, especially when he’s still alive and running the show.”

The editorialist drew a contrast with the current governor and his wife, who’ve been happy to have at least four buildings plus a couple of lakes named for them and also gladly reaped the benefit of thousands in tax-deductible donations to the Governor’s Mansion Association that purchased china and crystal for the Huckabees’ private home.

Said the editorial: “After 10 years of expense-free living on the taxpayers’ tab and on what has become a nice salary (roughly $80,000 a year plus six-figure additives for book sales driven by his public office), the Huckabees do not need philanthropy.”

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