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Wise words from Griffen


Wise words from Griffen

Reading a recent blog item regarding the order of a federal judge in the 1957 Central High integration crisis reminded me of a recent letter to the editor published in your newspaper and written by the esteemed Wendell Griffen. Writing about the Little Rock Board of Directors' debate about whether to overturn a resolution it took in support of Orval Faubus in 1957, Mr. Griffen writes, in part, in November 2011, some 54 years later: "Rather than turning over the political graves of Orval Faubus and the misguided people who supported him, we should invest our time and efforts in confronting and correcting present injustice."

Consider those words of wisdom.

Art Dorrington

Little Rock

Whites not wanted

Affluent? Middle class? The Central High neighborhood in the olden days? C'mon, fellas. The article in the Dec. 28, 2011, Arkansas Times about the Central High neighborhood was revisionist history. The Central High neighborhood was never affluent or middle class. In 1956, one year before integration, Central High was a working class neighborhood where non-black people from affluent neighborhoods in Hillcrest and the Heights sent their children. But that didn't make the Central High neighborhood affluent.

Today, just because affluent white children from the Heights and Hillcrest go to Central High for the gifted academic programs within the regular school doesn't mean that affluent whites want to live in our neighborhood. Nor do we want them. We don't need gentrification. Do me and my neighbors a favor: Stay in Hillcrest and the Heights, OK?

William E. O'Ree

Little Rock

From the web

In response to an article in the Feb. 29 issue of the Times on St. Vincent Health policy not to include birth control in the insurance policy offered employees:

The hospital exists primarily for the inculcation of religious values? Uh huh. If they depend on that argument, presumably constitutionally based, let's base their financial practices on the same argument. I assume then that they refuse to bill for Medicare and Medicaid, right? So they either dun my Southern Baptist Medicare-covered friend who recently spent about 10 days at St. Vincent's or they write the bill off. (I happen to know he's not going to write a check for it.)


It is ridiculous to believe that employees of St. Vincent depend on the only method of birth control approved by the Catholic Church. If they did, half the women of childbearing age would be either pregnant or out on maternity leave.

Verla Sweere

In response to the Feb. 29 cover story about Arkansas State University's hiring of Gus Malzahn as head football coach:

I, like everyone else with a clue, could give a crap about ASU. As a Hog fan I'd rather not play them, not for any reason of fearing a rivalry but because I don't ever want to give these crybabies what they want.

The funniest thing about this Malzahn deal is that as excited as ASU fans are, they don't understand that ASU was a soft place to land after getting forced out of Auburn. He's going to be in Jonesboro a maximum of two years, and will never be any better than they were this past year. 

At least they don't have that racist mascot anymore.

Deep South

Why even discuss the Arkansas Razorbacks? I'm a lifelong ASU fan and really have no desire to play them. If your article is about ASU and Coach Malzahn why even disuss UA? Why compare enrollment and attendance? Both are at an all time high for ASU by the way. Why bring up the unfounded rumors that ASU can't pay Malzahn when that rumor was proven to be wrong? Sunbelt coaches moving up to higher profile jobs? Who? Hugh Freeze is the only one I know of to do it. Blakeney, Dickey, Cristobol, Schnellenberger have not moved "up" from the Sunbelt. Poor article.


In response to the Times' Feb. 22 cover story on Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs:

I keep thinking of the title of Sen. J.Wm. Fulbright's book — "The Arrogance of Power."

Reckon that's appropriate here?

Jill, a free brewski, darlin', if you can make it down to the mobile adult beverage emporium at McNab (Like Bryant, McNab is also a veritable Republican conclave).


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