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Why all the outrage?

What T Rump did in Helsinki is consistent with who T Rump is.


Why all the outrage?

What T Rump did in Helsinki is consistent with who T Rump is.

There were no surprises. No mysteries. No reason to be any more outraged than you should be when he assaults women, praises neo-Nazis, imprisons 2-year olds, violates the U.S. Constitution, demeans persons of color and entire cultures of different faiths, demonizes the media, criminalizes his political opponents, insults our allies, glorifies tyranny, ignores facts and shamelessly lies and lies and lies.

If we were privy to his secret two-hour, 10-minute tete-a-tete with Putin, what else would we learn that would be more insulting, more treasonous ... cause us to be more outraged?

Alfred Herget

Little Rock

Diplomacy always better than war

After the Cold War ended and before Trump, the U.S. broke agreements with Russia to not expand NATO bases toward Russian borders, some of which hold massive nuclear weapons.

The Obama and Hillary administration directed the Ukraine coup (extreme meddling) on Russian borders. They practiced massive war games near Russian borders. They reignited the Cold War with $1 trillion in new nuclear bombs.

They continued and expanded Bush's endless "Global War on Terror," which has cost $5.6 trillion thus far. Like Bush, they conducted regime change war crimes in Libya, after which Hillary psycho-laughed about killing their leader. More extreme meddling.

They continued the brutal imperial U.S. history of interfering and violently overthrowing dozens of governments. Nobody meddles like the U.S.A. Read Gen. Smedley Butler's book "War is a Racket" free online. Read William Blum's book "Killing Hope."

Russians are under severe threats, and millions practice nuclear drills to prepare for U.S. attack. Like millions in the Middle East, Russian people are terrified of the U.S. war machine for damn good reasons.

The CIA with its history of lying and meddling in other nations is hard to trust on anything. But if Russia did meddle, it is entirely logical in light of the danger they face, being surrounded by U.S. military bases, war games, nukes, coups and endless bombings.

Perhaps with Trump there was at least some hope for change for them. Despite all the horrors of Trump, if his warmer relations with Russia avert nuclear war, he will have done something great.

Trump is terrible, but so are Obama and Hillary, just like the brutal Saudi dictators that Obama, Hillary and Trump sold record arms deals to. They all stink, and have lakes of blood on their hands, just like Bush, who has an Iraqi ocean of blood, along with Hillary and Biden.

But what sucks worse than all these? Nuclear annihilation. Of course we must practice diplomacy and be friends with Russia, as Trump correctly said. I just wish he or any of the others mentioned were trustworthy.

If only we had a political party and leaders sincerely for peace. We do, but the war parties and their warmonger media pals will not even allow them in debates. Democracy? Lol.

Abel Tomilson


Work requirement is wrong

Your recent story "Federal court strikes down Kentucky's Medicaid work requirement; DHS says Arkansas unaffected" spotlights the recent court decision to strike down federally approved Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky and the decision's possible ramifications on other states with approved work requirement waivers, including Arkansas.

The court decision emphasized that Medicaid work requirements go against the core value of the Medicaid program: to provide health care access to low-income individuals. By placing employment reporting requirements on enrollees who, data show, already work, work requirements are an obstacle designed to slash enrollment in the program and put the health of thousands of vulnerable Arkansans in jeopardy.

Arkansas's was the third federally approved work requirements waiver earlier this year. As consumer health advocates, Consumers for Quality Care hopes it will soon be the next to have its work requirements eliminated. It is our hope that the health of Arkansans will always be put at the center of health reform decisions by policymakers, ensuring those with little don't lose it all.

Donna Christensen, M.D

Former member of Congress and member of the board of directors for Consumers for Quality Care, Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Hutchinson's five rodeos

Last month's newspaper articles concerning state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson's involvement in the GIF scandal is not Hutchinson's first rodeo.

RODEO No. 1: His first rodeo began in 2010, when it was printed in several newspapers that he was having an affair with Julie McGee prior to divorcing his wife in December 2011.

RODEO No. 2: Also came about in 2010, when Hutchinson's girlfriend emerged with two checks totaling $2,700 that were not reported to the Ethics Commission as coming from campaign contributions. For that omission, he paid a $500 fine and received a warning letter. You can't use campaign money to support a mistress.

RODEO No. 3: A third rodeo came the same year when, in a police report, both Hutchinson and McGee claimed minor injuries due to violence toward each other. McGee allegedly hit the senator over the head with a stuffed alligator, causing a small laceration.

RODEO No. 4: His forth rodeo was in 2012 when he rented a house in Bella Vista for a year so he could see his children, who were then living in Fayetteville, on weekends. After a year, the owners returned home in June and found their house in shambles. On July 15, 2012, they filed a 32-page police report indicating that Hutchinson must have had continued altercations with the same girlfriend he knocked around in Little Rock. The report speaks of McGee trying to get away from Hutchinson by locking herself in the bathroom. Photos show where the senator kicked the door in. The report shows pictures of blood on the carpet, broken sheet rock, dings on the walls indicating flying objects and other signs of violence.The owner told Hutchinson to not use his boat, but the senator used it anyway and damaged it. When the senator finally moved out, he took some of the owner's furniture and belongings with him.

RODEO No. 5: Is currently under investigation, along with the massive GIF scandal that involves so many of our past and present state legislators.

CONCLUSION: The dead stuffed alligator probably can't bite the senator anymore, but there are at least two live ones out there that may swallow him whole yet.

The police report on the trashed house in Bella Vista can be seen at the Bella Vista Police Department. It is Incident 12-01459 dated 07/15/12.

Lt. Col. Jim Parsons (RET.)

Bella Vista

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