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The Sports Page is now open on Saturdays from 6 p.m. to midnight, offering live music with beer and wine, but no food is served. Michael Dawn is running the entertainment, which ranges from acoustic to Bonnie Raitt-style performers. For more information, call 372-9316.

Look for a new inside appearance to Mark Abernathy’s Loca Luna restaurant, as renovation work will be ongoing for the next few weeks. Loca Luna is also featuring an updated menu.

Ed David’s new Bubba and Garcia’s restaurant opened on Oct. 10 for dinner and began serving lunch this week. The restaurant is next door to David’s Faded Rose on Rebsamen Park Road and features Southern-style plate lunches combined with New Mexican-style cooking, along with margaritas.

Capsule reviews

NAN KING For 30 years now, friendly folks have been dishing up war-horse Cantonese dishes in this unadorned cubbyhole just off Cantrell Road. The food is prepared when you order and served searingly hot. And cheap? Nobody beats their prices — $3.65 for most main courses with fried rice and an egg roll at lunch, about a buck more for dinner portions. The saucing gets a little soupy, but our shrimp chow mein ($4.60) was packed with shrimp and crispy cabbage, celery and carrot, with a sprinkling of fried won ton skins on top. The cook warmed up some beef and broccoli by special request and the broccoli in the resulting dish was bright green and crunchy, though the beef itself was a little overcooked. Soup sets you back a whopping 60 cents extra, not a particular bargain for the sweet-tasting hot and sour soup. Most folks seem to go the take-out route, not surprising given the bare-bones setting and the plastic plates and utensils. It’s good eat-at-your-desk food and you couldn’t make it cheaper at home. 1804 N. Taylor. No alcohol. No CC. $ 666-2475 LD Mon.-Sat.

ON THE BORDER This reviewer waited a long time to make our inaugural trek to this popular West Little Rock Tex-Mex spot — we’re unwilling on principle to endure hours-long waits at chain restaurants no matter how good we’ve heard the margaritas are. We picked a good day for our lunch visit, though, only hanging out around the hostess stand about 10 minutes before our pager thingy lit up and we were seated at a patio table. After that, service seemed to grind to a halt. It took us longer than most work-a-day types can afford to get our drinks and a starter bowl of queso, due in part at least to the waiter getting the drink order wrong and then delivering our cheese dip to the next table, a mistake health codes forbid fixing the easy way once the bowl’s left the server’s hands. But the queso was just the way we like it — rich and creamy, with a hint of heat — and our fajitas, one steak and one chicken, came sizzling out not long after. We both liked our fajitas fine, but can’t say we regret not getting to On the Border sooner than we did. Then again, it was lunch, so we didn’t get to sample the margaritas. 11721 Chenal Parkway. Full bar. $$. 217-9275. LD daily.

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