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What's cooking, Sept. 20



Local attorney Sam Perroni hopes to break ground this year on his condo and retail development on Main Street in downtown North Little Rock. If all goes well, the project will be complete late next year. Thereafter, Perroni plans to open Nanuz's, an Italian deli, where he'll offer a selection of Italian meats, pasta, olive oil, olives, specialty items, sandwiches and prepared meals. Initially, he'll only open for lunch, perhaps breakfast, with cappuccino and light breakfast items. If business is good, he says he'll extend his hours into dinner.

After a fire destroyed Gadwall's Grill in Sherwood, owners are now taking steps not to rebuild, but to expand next-door Gadwall's Pizza, so it can accommodate the menu and customers of Gadwall's Grill. The kitchen is being remodeled to accommodate additional equipment, and another dining room is being added. Work will likely continue for another two weeks.


DOE'S EAT PLACE Yes, this is the place made famous by Hillary Clinton's husband. But we were a FOD (Friend Of Doe's) before FOBs set up shop, back in the early days of the restaurant. Back then — some 19 years ago — the walls were almost bare. And we'd swear the flooring hasn't been touched since then, too. Surely the kitchen has had a replacement part or two, maybe not. Doe's is most famous for their tamales, which are perfect. But when we need a chilidog fix, this is the place our compass points to. Last time we went, our order was a cheesy chili lava mountain atop a dog served on a hot plate right out of the oven with scalding hot fries. Now that's a HOT dog! Our lunch pal went for a cheeseburger and cut the calories by opting for the marinated (your only choice) salad instead of fries. Other menu items are more hot sandwiches, spaghetti and catfish. We've had a dinner adventure here, too. You order cuts of steak by the pounds (yes, that's pounds, starting at two pounds) with fries, salad and Texas toast. You'll never get out of here without some leftovers. 1023 West Markham, 376-1195, Full Bar, CC, LD Mon.-Fri., D Sat., $-$$.

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