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What we have: Big house sales

Top residential real estate transactions in 2016.

45 Edgehill
  • 45 Edgehill

While there were no staggeringly pricy residential real estate transactions in 2016 and fewer sales of homes at $1 million or more than in 2015, the number of homes selling in the $700,000 to $1,999,999 range was higher — 62 compared to 55 last year.

The top three priciest homes were sold in midtown's Heights neighborhood, but most of the transactions took place in West Little Rock. The highest downtown transaction, and the only one over $700,000, involved a home on Center Street, across from the Governor's Mansion.

Here's a list of residential real estate transactions, provided to the Times by the Daily Record:

CGAH LLC (Nancy Stephens) sold a home on Country Club Lane for $1.99 million to Walter Hixson.

John and Amber Meadors sold a home at 45 Edgehill Road for $1.8 million to Donald and Lucinda Phelps.

Robert and Marilyn Porter sold a home at 1900 Shadow Lane for $1.79 million to Edward Penick III and Jill Penick.

Christopher and Clair Pittman and the CNC Family Trust sold a home at 81 Sologne Circle for $1.57 million to Rodney and Michelle Damon.

George and Deborah Makris sold a home at 2111 Beechwood for $1.4 million to Celia-Anne Martindale.

David Snowden Jr. and Terri Snowden sold a home at 20 Longfellow Lane for $1.4 million to David Snowden Sr. and Judith Snowden.

David Snowden Sr. and Judith Snowden sold a home at 4 Cascade Creek for $1.4 million to David Snowden Jr. and Terri Snowden.

Centennial Bank sold a foreclosed home at 3700 Avondale Road for $1.28 million to Richard and Patricia Elimon.

Brett and Amanda Bennefield sold a home at 4 Valley Creek View for $1.28 million to Matthew and Patricia Jones.

Larry Wade Wood sold a home at 517 Valley Club Circle for $1.25 million to Tejas and Mauli Patel.

Ted and Jan Snider sold a home at 32 Chenal Circle for $1.2 million to Bobby and Mary Stewart.

Ned and Laura Rawlings sold a home at 1725 Spruce St. for $1.1 million to Herbert and Cynthia Price.

Melinda Carroll Morrell sold a home at 14 River Oaks Circle for $1.1 million to Charles and Emily Richesin.

Frank and Patricia O'Mara and the O'Mara Joint Revocable Trust sold a home at 5224 Edgewood Road for $1.1 million to John and Karen Lammers.

Andrew and Lindy Smith sold a home at 22 Hickory Creek for $1.05 million to Cindy and Gautam Gandhi.

Bennett and Jacqueline Lebow sold a home at 23 Sologne for $1.02 million to Srinivasan Ramaswamy and Roopa Ram.

Kristopher Magnuson sold a home at 20 Bella Rosa Court for $1 million to Kristen L. Lienhart and Chad Gossett.

Jane Parker McMullin sold a home at 12821 Ridgehaven Road for $995,000 to Daniel and Autumn Hardin.

Thomas and Lillian Wittenberg sold a home at 1722 Center St. for $910,000 to Andrew Jackson Somers and Sara Somers.

Gregory and Delinda Harrington sold a home at 557 Silverwood Trail, North Little Rock, for $899,999 to Jeffrey and Leslie Smith.

R.L. and Nancy Qualls sold a home at 4907 Country Club Blvd. for $895,000 to Nancy Peay Phillips.

Richard and Patricia Farnsworth sold a home at 10025 Barrett Road, Roland, for $880,000 to Mark and Rhonda McMurray.

Chenal Valley Construction Inc. sold a home at 4 Redtail Point for $875,384 to Joey and Leslie Wiggins.

Mary Ellen Irons sold a home at 33 Deauville Circle for $875,000 to Eric and Mandy Wright.

Stephen Chaffin and the Stamp Trust sold a hosue at 5414 Sherwood Road for $875,000 to William and Corinne Beck.

Casey Carder Rockwell sold a home at 5514 Stonewall Road for $855,000 to Gregg and Paige Day.

81 Sologne Circle
  • 81 Sologne Circle

Donald and Lucinda Phelps sold a home at 40 Fontenay Circle for $842,000 to Steve and Donna Danforth.

Christopher and Christy Milligan sold a home at 2721 N. Pierce St. for $835,000 to Nathan and Emily Sutterer.

Karen Baker sold a home at 2 Sunset Drive for $833,140 to John and Amber Meadors.

JSW Properties sold a home at 2 River Glen Circle for $830,000 to William and Peggy Marshall.

Jim Pace Homes sold a home at 2915 N. Grant St. for $829,000 to Wilson and Stephanie Bynum.

Barton and Carol Corley sold a home at 11811 Fairway Drive for $825,500 to Kristopher Magnuson.

CBM Appraisals sold a home at 15 Hickory Creek Drive for $825,000 to Johnathan and Julia Goodwin.

Kristi and Michael Crum sold a home at 45 River Estates Cove for $825,000 to Timothy Files.

Chenal Valley Construction sold a home at 100 Redtail Cover for $815,000 to Ryan and Shannon Dare.

H.C. and Shannon Treece sold a home at 4723 Crestwood Drive for $815,000 to James and Elizabeth Smitherman.

Bryan Yarnell and Christine Burnett-Yarnell sold a home at 8703 Berry Patch Lane, Roland, for $815,000 to Jon and Kricia Palmer.

Regions Bank and the Nelson Generation Trust sold a home at 14 River Oaks Drive for $814,000 to Melinda Morrell.

Rush and Linda Harding sold a home at 21 Hickory Pointe Cove for $800,000 to Ed and Mindy Love.

Markus Homes Inc. sold a home at 23 LaScala Drive for $800,000 to Jim and Melinda Markus.

Larry and Sandra Morton sold a home at 39 River Estates Cove for $800,000 to Brett and Stephanie Madison.

David Michael Weed sold a home at 5209 Sherwood Road for $795,000 to Susanna Shermer and Mechan Vanderpool.

Noah Felton Rhodes Jr. and the Rhodes Family Revocable Trust sold a home at 2319 N. Taylor St. for $795,000 to John and Nena Busby.

Michael and Kirsten Blanchat sold a home at 1914 N. Spruce St. for $794,000 to Kelly and Ellen Kreth.

Theodore and Eunah Henning sold a home at 104 Vigne Drive for $780,000 to Jan Weideman.

R2W LLC (Brad Walker) sold a home at 2009 Canal Pointe for $775,000 to R.L and Patricia Qualls.

Richard and Patricia Macy sold a home at 9 Germay Court for $775,000 to Patrick and Elizabeth Longworth.

The Wilson Co. sold a home at 8 Accadia Court for $770,813 to Shariq and Sara Tariq.

WVM Construction LLC sold a home at 21204 Valley View Cove, Roland, for $759,000 to Jeffrey and Nancy Taylor.

Robert Lehmberg sold a home at 2116 N. Spruce St. for $750,000 to Gerald W. Friend.

Peter and Elizabeth Banko sold a home at 38 Orie Circle for $750,000 to Mark and Jennifer Tait.

Michael and Michelle Mantuano sold a home at 2515 N. Grant St. for $735,000 to George Makris II.

Woodhaven Homes Inc. sold a home at 5 Bella Rosa Court for $730,000 to Lawrence and Rosaland Davis.

Thomas and Paige Rystrom sold a home at 2922 N. Taylor St. for $725,000 to David and Barbara Pryor.

William and Lindsay Wilkerson sold a home at 107 Mornay Lane for $725,000 to Charles and Kristin St. Clair.

Joe and Laveda Hughes sold a home at 40 Deauville Circle for $725,000 to Linda and Gary Teal.

Cartus Financial Group sold a home at 50 Hallen Court for $722,450 to Charles Davidson.

Daniel and Stephanie Brown sold a home at 2600 N. Taylor St. for $709,900 to David Snowden III.

Michael and Valerie Moran sold a home at 106 Winthrop Trail for $705,000 to Nicholas and Jamie Booker.

Anthony and Janet Dillon sold a home at 120 Overlook Drive for $700,000 to Iden M. Cowan.

Lephiew and Alison Dennington sold a home at 4916 I St. for $700,000 to Robert and Catherine Tucker.

Joseph and Lois McDoniel sold a home at 71 Pebble Beach for $700,000 to Michael and Sophia Hussey.

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