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What to do in Park Hill


Have a burger and a shake at Frostop.

It's not quite the neighborhood institution it once was — its current locale in a strip center a couple of blocks down JFK lacks about 98 percent of the personality and charm of the now-razed original location with its landmark giant rootbeer mug — but the burgers are still big and greasy, the fries multitudinous and the menu still a strange mash-up of American diner and Greek food festival.

Walk, skate, roll, tumble, sled, or otherwise descend Snake Hill.

If there's a steeper, twistier stretch of road in Central Arkansas, we don't know where. Think Cantrell Hill condensed into a single block. And forget we mentioned skating. That's probably a bad idea.

Enjoy the adult beverage of your choice on the patio at U.S. Pizza.

Housed in a converted historic stone mansion, this is undoubtedly the nicest link in the U.S. Pizza chain, thanks to its beginnings as a fine-dining establishment called Aydelotte's. It inherited the private club permit as well as the decor, so it's also the only place in Park Hill where you can legally buy yourself a drink. Bonus: the spacious front patio has plenty of room for restless kids to roam while you're waiting on your pizza.

Pick up the latest issue of Detective Comics at Collector's Edition.

You went to see "The Dark Knight," the live-action comic book that's not at all nerdy to love, so now embrace your inner geek and go all the way. Comic stores like these are a dying breed, a place where you can walk the aisles and feed that part of your childhood that didn't quite die away — or, if you'd prefer, they've got grown-up stories too. Where else can you drop a few bucks and see a grown man dressed like a bat shoot a god with a time bullet?

Grab a wiener and a sundae at Scoop Dog.

;Walk up or drive through this former Shake's franchise, which added hotdogs to the menu when it went independent a couple of years ago.

Take a breather on a bench by Lake No. 1 on a sunny fall day.

The tree-colored hillside across the lake from the park on Waterside Drive turns a riotous mix of orange and yellow and red in a good year, and it's doubly gorgeous reflected in the lake when the sun's shining. Just steer clear of the geese — those suckers are mean.

Take a stroll along Skyline Drive.

Park Hill's southernmost street was originally reserved for high-dollar homes when development began in the neighborhood, and while there are some more modest homes on the street now, there's still plenty to look at, and no two houses are alike. Plus, you can catch a nice view of downtown Little Rock between the houses on the south side of the street.

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