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Weasel season


You know it's an election year, and people have been looking at polls, when politicians start shedding previously cherished convictions. U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford of the First Congressional District, for one, is showing a newly acquired flexibility. Democrats think they have a good chance to beat the Republican freshman. Evidently, he thinks so too, and so, he's publicly reneging on the promise he made last year to support a moratorium on those spending projects in individual members' districts that are sometimes known as "pork." Crawford has learned that residents of low-income congressional districts like the First want and need federal assistance to pave streets, replace bridges and build sewer lines.

It's reported that Rep. Steve Womack of the Third District is backing off the no-pork pledge too. The other two Republican members of the Arkansas Congressional Delegation, Sen. John Boozman and Rep. Tim Griffin, are thus far keeping their anti-pork word, Griffin because he likes ideology better than people, Boozman because he's not on the ballot this year and because he prefers inactivity to the hard work of capturing federal funds for his home state. Ronald Reagan was our best-rested president. Boozman seems bent on becoming Arkansas's best-rested senator.

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