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We didn't know God made bespeckled coaches



"Butler is a private school with high academic standards, which no doubt is why [Coach] Stevens, with his newly bespeckled look (he tossed his contacts), seems to be the perfect fit."

Bespeckled? "I guess that's like butterbeans," Bob Lancaster says. "Or the Great Speckled Bird."

Incidentally, I've heard that Lady Gaga is recording "The Great Speckled Bird," but I doubt hers will compare with Roy Acuff's definitive version:

"What a beautiful thought I am thinking,

Concerning a great speckled bird.

Remember her name is recorded,

On the pages of God's Holy Word ... "

The biblical reference is to Jeremiah 12:9 — "Mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird; the birds round about are against her ... "

Before Roy made the Bird famous in the '30s, the same melody had been used for a folk song, "I Am Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes," first recorded in the '20s. After Roy, another country artiste, Hank Thompson, put still newer words to the tune and had a hit record in 1952. I remembered that one as being called "I Didn't Know God Made Honky-Tonk Angels," but Wikipedia says the actual title was "The Wild Side of Life." The song included the line about honky-tonk angels, though, and this led to yet another hit record, a "response" song by Kitty Wells, "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels."

He hasn't made a championship for Butler yet either. The bespeckled coach may have to change his spots, if that's possible.

Tell them to put on their thinging caps:

Challis Muniz tells me that young people are saying, "If that's what you think, you've got another thing coming." I haven't heard it. Don't want to.

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