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Washington Regional Grants Permanent Easement to Fayetteville

Scull Creek Trail Project Now Set for Completion



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Washington Regional

Washington Regional Grants Permanent Easement to City of Fayetteville
Scull Creek Trail Project Now Set for Completion

Washington Regional is pleased to announce that it has granted a permanent easement and tree preservation area to the City of Fayetteville to extend the Scull Creek Trail to Fulbright Expressway.

“We’re thrilled to participate in an initiative that is health-conscious for both people and the environment,” stated Washington Regional President and CEO Bill Bradley. “The 1.1 mile long trail that encircles our North Hills campus enjoys a steady stream of walkers and runners every day. Joining our trail to the new Scull Creek Trail will allow even more local residents and visitors to enjoy the unique outdoor beauty of our medical campus, built to serve Northwest Arkansas.”

The total easement is approximately 2 acres located along Scull Creek. Washington Regional acquired the property between the west side of Scull Creek and Gregg Street in May 2005. The new trail will connect to Washington Regional’s walking trail on Appleby and near Washington Regional’s labyrinth attraction on the east side of the Creek. When completed, Scull Creek Trail will be 4 miles in length – connecting from Mud Creek Trail and following Scull Creek south to Wilson Park.

In addition to expanding its facilities and services and working with the City to support the Fayetteville Trails Master Plan, Washington Regional is committed to continuing to provide a uniquely beautiful park-like setting on its campus. Over the course of the next 18 months, as new buildings are developed, Washington Regional will plant an estimated 86 additional trees on its 61.5 acre-campus.

The Washington Regional campus is undergoing a $60 million expansion, most notably the addition of a Fifth floor, a senior health & wellness center at the corner of Appleby and North Hills Boulevard, a major expansion to the existing Emergency Department, and an Administrative Services Building that will be located on the west side of the medical center campus.

“The City of Fayetteville is grateful to Washington Regional for allowing us to expand the walking trail,” stated Mayor Dan Coody. “I applaud the Washington Regional board for recognizing and investing in the importance of creating a campus that is as impressive on the outside as it is on the inside. Washington Regional Medical Center is truly a cornerstone of Northwest Arkansas.”

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