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War hawks

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Hitler pretty well proved, if unintentionally, that fighting a two-front war is a bad idea. The Republican Party didn't notice. Republican presidential candidates are crying out for military action against Iran even as fighting still rages in the party's War on Women (a conflict described by some commentators as "gender cleansing").

Indeed, the Republicans lost a battle in the WOW just last week, the United States Senate throttling a Republican effort to deny women insurance coverage for contraceptives. Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor helped turn back the Republican surge, while Arkansas Sen. John Boozman, as always, meekly followed orders from Republican headquarters, which is meekly taking its orders from Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh, never meek, seems to believe the only good woman is a dead woman, or perhaps one grasping an aspirin tablet between her knees. He's not friendly to civil liberties, either, and thus the defeated Republican bill was written not only to keep women down, but to undermine religious freedom, allowing church-related institutions to override secular law and impose their own beliefs on others. "My religion or the highway" is how the Iranians do it, ironically. The Republicans want to imitate them and bomb them. This sort of muddy thinking is what allows people like John Boozman to become senators and people like Rick Santorum to become presidential candidates. At least they haven't proposed to bomb the women yet, but it's not outside Santorum's reach.


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