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Walmart in Riverdale


The Arkansas Times reported in November that Walmart had firmed up plans to take over the former Harvest Foods building in the Riverdale shopping center, but it delayed a move on the project as it puzzled over exactly what type of Walmart to put there.

The existing footprint is largely to be retained. It will be branded as a Neighborhood Market, but will be more than 50 percent larger than the usual 40,000-square-foot model. It will have some 20,000 square feet of general merchandise, sort of a mini-Supercenter. Time line: Property close perhaps by end of July, with construction going out for bids in early fall.

And speaking of Supercenters: Look before long for news of a timeline for converting the closed former Walmart on Bowman Road, next to the Sam's Club, into a new Supercenter.

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