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Where does Asa Hutchinson get off utilizing children to spread his negative campaign messages? I’m appalled at the latest TV ad time utilizing such to spread his message of discord for Mike Beebe.

What happened with teaching our children tolerance for one another, not abomination? This is reminiscent of the Neo-Nazi indoctrination, religious cults, etc. Children grow up fast enough and will form their own opinions (albeit with the assistance and guidance of a parental figure). But how low does Asa have to go — securing our children to “endorse” him and solicit constituency votes through his negative campaigning?

Alisa R. Bissell
North Little Rock

Play’s the thing

I agree with your reviewer’s observation [“Not so sweet,” Oct. 26] that the Community Theater of Little Rock does not have the resources to produce elaborate, large plays such as “Damn Yankees” and “Sweet Charity” the way they would be done on Broadway. I know that most of the volunteers involved with CTLR regularly extend themselves beyond the point most volunteers do. I have asked myself “Why?”

A person gathers a few friends, goes to the beach. Together, they, with a few hand tools, sticks, and cups found on the beach, plan, design, and build a small sandcastle with intricate details and nuances, some of which can be detected only by one who sees the art with their heart. The sandcastle is there for a while, and then with the passing of the tide and time, is washed ever so gently back into the ocean.

On the same beach, a little ways down, a big-wig decides he wants a pretty sandcastle on his beach. He hires someone to plan the project, someone to design the project, someone to rent the large earth-moving equipment to move the sand, someone to run the equipment, and a crew to put all the actions together to create the big elaborate sandcastle. The sandcastle is there for a while, and then with the passing of the tide and time is washed ever so gently back into the ocean.

Which is better? If we look at the enormous amount of passion that is poured into a simple rendition of a play by those who work in our local theater troupes, most of us would say the first sandcastle is really what sparks the excitement, the joy, the sorrow, the anxiety, and entertainment in our local live theater.

Kenny Rodgers
Board member,
Community Theatre of Little Rock

A Conservative
I am so disappointed in our so-called conservative Republican Party that I won’t define myself as Republican any longer. I am a conservative. I want less federal government in my life. I want to hear what we will do for our own internal issues, not Iraq. I want the illegal persons issues dealt with expeditiously, stop the “anchor” baby issue — I want to keep our dollars home with American workers. I want big corporations out of our government and lobbyists kept out of our congressional hallways. I want a stronger America, not the weakling we are becoming. But most of all I want our nation to stand up and respect almighty God ... We were founded on religious freedoms and trust in God, we must get back to our maker in all our decisions. I want our leaders to do what is RIGHT.

Deborah Anderson
From the Internet

Not that Democrats are terrific leaders, but I wonder where the intelligence is among Republican leaders.

On Iraq they told us that 14 of 18 provinces are secure. They forget that half the population lives in the other four provinces. They say that the Iraqi army is standing up and forget to mention that militias have infiltrated the police force.

Here we have Asa! blaming Mike! for the Paron school situation. And using the tax issue at a time when the U.S. is a deficit-driven economy. Less taxes for the rich.

Finally, Jim Holt thinks the minimum wage is a bad idea and hates socialism. The minimum wage is bad because people can’t live off of it. I guess partial insurance coverage is bad also.

Government spending is socialism. So are Medicare, veterans benefits and the school lunch program.

Where are the intelligent leaders?

Steve Wheeler
North Little Rock

They’re laughing
So we now know that the Bush administration laughs at evangelical leaders who visit the White House. It’s not too hard to imagine that many of those same leaders laugh at their congregations who buy, literally, the whoppers they are told about visits to Heaven and “healings” by touching the TV screen — after making a love offering, tax deductible of course.

It should be no surprise either that the same evil cabal that chose Bush the Dumb to be their dupe are laughing at the American people for being so easily fooled into electing him, twice, and approving their plans for total control every two years.

It seems everyone at the top of the money pile is laughing at each other and they are all laughing at us, the little guy and gal who pay the taxes and fight the wars and work the jobs they don’t want to do — and their children never will.

Chris Gray

Sympathy for the Huckster
There has been something wrong with Gov. Mike Huckabee for a long time. But have some sympathy for the Huckster. His well-learned politesse is not wasted, unless, of course, the pardoning of the most satanic guitarist of the most satanic band in the history of rock and roll is such a waste.

“Please allow me to introduce myself,” said the Huckster to Keith Richards, a man of wealth and taste.

Amazing. Governor Huckabee actually took in a satanic musical performance as if it were a show of worship, then met backstage to laud the performers of “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request.”

It is not so disturbing that the Rolling Stones have recorded volumes of music dedicated to Old Scratch, but someone left Brian Jones in the swimming pool and Keith’s knife has been christened with the blood of some poor, young innocent in Jamaica. Perhaps some day President Huckabee can pardon the entire band.

Sympathy for the Devil has really paid off for The Huckster. Like Keith Richards, Huckabee is protected by the immunity only the established culture of corruption can provide. They both are untouchable.

Gene Mason

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