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Undocumented workers

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I read the Sept. 14 account of the 11 Latinos arrested at the Country Club of Little Rock. This event seems to be the part of the unfortunate trend of deportations, which in my opinion are not exactly for the purpose of reducing the numbers of undocumented immigrants here. These men were an example — not for other undocumented Latinos, but a political statement that the government is using to pacify the anti-immigrant opinions of many Americans. The truth is that this country is dependent on the work of immigrants and that most politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, do not really want to eliminate all undocumented workers from this country. It is just not good for the economy. Certainly human rights issues are not at the center of these political sentiments. Yet this case in Little Rock is tragic in that these men were sacrificed, made an example of, so the government can pretend it is trying to end the problem while at the same time ultimately benefiting from the current situation.

Katherine Palm-Cruz
Little Rock

Over the edge
I think Robert McCord has finally slipped over the edge into senility. It’s time to put him out to pasture where he can spew his inanities to the other jackasses, or send him to work for the DOG newspaper where he would fit right in.

Larry Onstott

Debate winner
As a former college debate coach, I find it a pleasure to give Mike Beebe a definite and strong win in the first of the Arkansas gubernatorial candidate debates. This simply confirms the rightness of his financial contributors who have honored him with substantially more funds than his opponent, and of the voters in the polls that have consistently given him a double digit advantage; and of the 68 out of 75 county sheriffs that are supporting him.

Perhaps the biggest, most telling blow landed by Beebe in the debate occurred when he labeled Hutchinson as an outsider! Evidence of the correctness of this includes the following:

1. He went out-of-state for his college education, to, of all places, Bob Jones University, then known by some as the Ku Klux Klan of American colleges.

2. He left Arkansas to go to Washington, DC to work for George Bush.

3. Who comes from Washington to support him? George Bush, Dick Cheney and others.

4. After Bush twice failed to promote him, he went over to K Street to work as a lobbyist, when Tom DeLay and Abramoff were running the show over there!

Kermit C. Moss

Like it is
As in much of media, a journalist ceases to be one when he chooses instead to be a celebrity. Such is the case with Wally Hall, who, when he finds time to, is the sports editor for the state’s largest daily publication. The rest of the time, he is on the radio, flying to and from celebrity events on the pretext of “covering” them (he hasn’t written a straight news story in years), etc.

The result? The most geographically biased and blatantly vanilla sports coverage one can hope for. I recently cancelled my subscription to that newspaper because they weren’t courteous enough to inform me that they had moved the entire sports department to northwest Arkansas. I learned that only after continuous coverage from that area of the state (Hill) confirmed my suspicions.

Fair enough. I guess it makes sense to move Mr. Hall and his staff closer to their true employer and boss, Mr. Broyles.

Matt Turner
Hot Springs

In a nutshell:

9/11 warnings ignored. 2,600-plus war dead. No exit strategy. Osama Bin Forgotten. No-bid contracts. Secret energy meetings. More tax breaks for the rich. Spiraling debt. $3 gasoline and record oil profits. Millions more with no health insurance. Record energy costs. Warrantless wiretaps. Domestic spying. Surveillance of protesters. Rampant cronyism. Medicare Part D. Gross incompetence. 1,300 New Orleans dead. FEMA. International embarrassment. Worldwide loss of respect for America. Heckuva job, Bush-Cheney.

Had enough? Vote Democratic.

Mark W. Riley
De Queen

Clarity for Bush
President Bush needs “clarity” for his CIA interrogators. They need to know that they won’t be tried for crimes against humanity if they continue to use the same techniques they’ve used to interrogate Middle Eastern detainees since 9/11. They need to know it’s all right for them to torture. They need clarity.

George W. Bush in his first campaign for the White House in 2000 campaigned as the “compassionate conservative.” His favorite philosopher was Jesus Christ. He was more Christian than Jimmy Carter.

President Bush says 9/11 changed the way he sees things. How has it changed his Christianity? The clarity he needs is still there where it’s always been.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” “Even as you have done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it to me.”

You say that’s naive. It doesn’t apply to the world we live in now. Was Jesus naive when he said, “ Love your enemies”? Did he say, “Do good to those who despitefully use you except in case of war”? In this most Christian of nations, if President Bush’s interrogators are adults they know right from wrong and good from evil.

Michael Gillum

Bush propaganda
As usual the Bush propagandists are full-steam ahead with little regard for truth. With no plan for victory, and all past plans in disarray, they dub anyone who dares to criticize the Bush war as “defeatists.”

Anyone with a grain of sense and practicality knows that this country can ill afford the expense in lives and dollars that this misguided effort at controlling terrorism is costing.

Be realistic for once, Mr. Bush and company. He, and maybe they, will be gone but the country will be reaping the results of their poor thinking, poor planning, poor implementation and big spending for years to come!

They dare not bring back the draft, but choose to use the same tired troops over and over, sometimes past the breaking point for ordinary human beings.

Compassionate conservatives? No, on both counts.

Marilyn Fish Bryan


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