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Tweet, tweet



I'm as bad as the next guy at belaboring topics on which I might as well save my breath.

It seems like we've had a lot of these lately.

So here's an idea. I'll Twitter the news and current events. As the on-line and text message service Twitter requires, no more than 140 characters are allowed for each “Tweet.”

• The inept city of Little Rock's decision about future use of Ray Winder Field? The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences will get the land.

• Financier Warren Stephens will tear down some historic vacant commercial buildings on Main Street and, perhaps, build new ones. He owns it. He breaks it.

• That fight between the legislature and the father of the new state lottery, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter? The legislature will win. They're wrong.

• Gov. Mike Beebe is pretty good at what he does. That doesn't mean all he does is good.

• The state still won't say what happened to kids who died in foster care last year.

• Republicans in Congress and the legislature don't count for much. Reporters act like they do. Obama, too.

• Republicans in Congress and the legislature vote against spending bills, then  take credit for the pork the bills provide.

• Legislators are for sale cheap. Steak dinner-cheap.

• The more bills a legislator files, the less likely any one of them is to be substantive.

• Term limits were a bad idea. Generally. Specific cases are another matter.

• Gun control is dead. God is not dead, but He better watch out for gunfire.

• People are still racist. Red, yellow, black and white people.

• North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays is a quiet tyrant.

• Strong Mayor Mark Stodola isn't very strong.

• Newspapers aren't dead, but the days of 30 percent profit margins are.

• Charging for Internet content won't save newspapers. More advertising will.

• The Democrat-Gazette gives away its content ( and its editorial writers act like they don't know it.

• TV news is dying. Fox 16 in Little Rock runs counter to the trend.

• All charter schools don't “work.” Schools that don't have to take hard-case kids invariably work.

• The Little Rock School District has great schools. The less you know about LRSD, the more you doubt this.

• LRSD has great schools despite years of poor leadership..

• “Milk” should win an Oscar. People who could profit from seeing it won't.

• Ashley's is the best restaurant in Little Rock, but hardly anybody eats there.

• Blogging is harmful to your attention span.

Remember, I just call them. Doesn't mean I like the outcomes. Follow my Tweets daily, as the spirit and news events dictate, at

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