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9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.

Airy vocals with infallible harmonies, California guitar, drums that sound like a pick-up basketball game one second and a Krautrock take on New Orleans second line the next: It's Animal Collective without the pretension. Or maybe Grizzly Bear with grass stains. Or Vampire Weekend's cousins that passed up Columbia University for state school. Comparisons aside, Local Natives walk tightwires between the imposing structures of their buzz band cohorts. Preppy Afro-poppers with a penchant for CSN&Y melodies, these guys simultaneously sound like everyone out there and no one else around. While their new-Americana sound has garnered buckets of comparisons to Fleet Foxes, the attitude is completely different; Local Natives celebrate their youthfulness and vitality and sound completely content to live in the 21st century while the Foxes stab at wisdom and legitimacy and end up sounding like a lonely mob of anthropomorphic butter churns. Having released only one album — which was promptly devoured and loved by most hungry, expectant music lovers — they're undeniably new jacks, albeit hugely promising ones. Brooklyn's Suckers open.

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