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To-Do List, Feb. 11-17




9 p.m., White Water Tavern. Donations.

In the days since the tragic earthquake shook Haiti, the tremendous outpouring of support, monetary and otherwise, has been nothing short of inspirational. Global nonprofit organizations like Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have done tremendous work in the area, but there are local charities trying to make a difference there, too. The Community Development Foundation for Haiti (CDFH) was started by Little Rock native Jonathan Buford, a teacher and farmer who lived in Haiti during his time in the Peace Corps. The CDFH provides Haitian communities with technical, logistical and financial support focusing on infrastructure and education. Now, the CDFH is trying to raise money to reconstruct homes in the capitol, Port-Au-Prince. To help out, several of Little Rock's finest, The Moving Front, Magic Hassle and Frown Pow'r's and the Times' own JT Tarpley, have agreed to perform at White Water on Thursday. Donations will be accepted for admission, so come out and support the foundation's efforts in Haiti. GM.


7:30 p.m., Verizon Arena. $10-$23.

If you're an X Game nut, or just interested in seeing people fly through the air on motor bikes, performing tricks with names like can-cans, heel clickers, superman seat grabs, strippers, super flips, cordovas, dead sailors, cliffhangers, sterilizers and tsunamis, then this is definitely your scene. I can't rightly describe what any of those look like in real life, but rest assured they're the kind of all-out aerial acrobatics that will push you to the edge of your seat, forcing you to hold your breath and cross your fingers in the hopes that what goes up comes back down safely. Coming off stunt-filled stops in Salt Lake City and Wichita, the touring band of freestyle motorcross pros come to Verizon on a two-night stand. Same time, price on Saturday. GM.

8 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $32-$72.

Hello, young lovers: Broadway voices Christiane Noll and Doug LaBrecque are coming to Little Rock for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Pops' “In Love with Broadway.” Soprano Noll sang in the revival run of “Ragtime” last year in New York and includes “Urinetown” and “Mambo Kings” in her credits. Tenor LaBrecque appeared in the Harold Prince production of “The Phantom of the Opera” and has a CD, “Opening Doors.” For this Valentine show, the third Pops presentation of the season, they'll croon snuggle-worthy classics from musicals and movies, including “Music of the Night” from “Phantom,” Cole Porter's “Begin the Beguine” and a medley from “West Side Story.” Geoffrey Robson conducts. The ASO reprises the concert on Saturday; same time, place and price. LNP.


UPDATE: Canceled because of weather.

9:30 p.m., White Water Tavern. $10.

Fact: there's never been a shortage of bad Zydeco music. But, unlike nearly every other genre, even bad Zydeco music is fun. So when there's the chance to see an infamously good Zydeco band, one whose particular brand of “swamp funk” is infamous for getting Cajuns on the floor, it's in your best interest to take it. Chubby Carrier, a legacy in a long line of creole zydeco legends, is bringing his band to White Water for Little Rock's weekend celebration of Mardi Gras. Live, their signature tune, “Who Stole the Hot Sauce,” involves one of the members liberally splashing Louisiana hot sauce in the mouths of audience members. I'm looking forward to what other hijinks Mr. Carrier has up his sleeve for “Ain't No Party Like a Chubby Party.” JT.


8 p.m., Revolution. $10.

If you're not planning on staying home on Valentine's Day night and watching “Sextistics” (see page 43), you could do a lot worse than this throwback burlesque show. Like traveling vaudeville shows of yore (or at least the yore we know through Playboy cartoons), the Pretty Things Peep Show features a fire-breather, a sword swallower, a contortionist, a fast-talking MC and a host of betassled, nearly naked ladies. But with more boas and bustiers and Roy Orbison-crooning than spandex and G-strings and Axl yelping. The Go Go Revolution Girls have a “special production” planned, too. Somewhere in between the parade of flesh and fire-breathing, Little Rock singer/songwriter Jessica Carder performs. The night features two shows, one at 8 p.m. and another at 10 p.m. For table reservations, e-mail livin4thacity@gmail.com. LM.


9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $7.

Fronted by the Best Name in Rock Music titleholder, Alan Spearhawk, Retribution Gospel Choir is touring on the release of its second album, “2,” and treating Little Rock to another big Monday night show that our small city probably wouldn't get on a more lucrative weekend day. While Spearhawk and fellow Choir member Matt Livingston's more well-known project, Low, specializes in (read: has absolutely mastered) heart-wrenching and gorgeous “slowcore rock,” Retribution Gospel Choir works along the lines of Crazy Horse or My Morning Jacket. The guitars, the drums, the voices — all big and triumphant. What can I say? Go take the opportunity to see some really talented, established old hands practice their craft. JT.


7:30 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $22-$47.

You know the push broom beats, the trashcan lids, the italicized red font. “Stomp” has become so ingrained in the collective pop culture consciousness since its explosion in the mid '90s that it's easy to forget just why, 16 years later, it's still so pervasive: It's all pretty cool. A spectacle in the truest sense of the word, the 14-member “Stomp” crew re-imagines tribal music with found sound instruments, playing with the vigor of a gang of toddler on pot and pan sets. “Stomp” goes down at Robinson Center Music Hall from Tuesday, Feb. 16, to Thursday, Feb. 18. JT.


8 p.m., The Village. $10.

Mike Poe is closing in on completing his decade-in-the-making documentary on his metal-loving, autistic friend T.C. Edwards, and hoping to raise enough money to finish the project and to film material that'll serve as the climax of the film. To ensure that he'll have plenty of folks to film, he's roped in nine (nine!) of Little Rock's favorite acts to perform. In the hip-hop end of the spectrum, there's Ear Fear, which features past Showcase winner 607 and his brother and current Showcase finalist Bobby, and always-on-point Epiphany. The See serves as Little Rock's lone indie rock representer, while Josh the Devil and the Sinners and Ace Spade and the Whores of Babylon punk-up rockabilly and The Crisco Kids deconstruct garage-punk to its basest elements. Then, of course, there's metal, from North Little Rock's Zucura, Iron Tongue, the new act featuring local producer Jason Tedford and Rwake's CT, and undoubtedly headlining, TC and the Eddies, which feature TC screaming loudly often. (It's his birthday, so look for the screams to get an extra push.) G-force DJs, too. Eighties dress is requested. LM.

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