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Time for change


?Early voting in the Nov. 4 general election begins next week and no contest is more important than the race for president. It's 1992 again.

The nation thirsts for change from a Bush White House. His loyal supporter John McCain promises no change at all.

Suspect already for his tempestuous judgment, McCain compounded the unease by his choice of a running mate.

It's well to remember that McCain has demonstrated loyalty to a president whose campaign visited unspeakable personal attacks on McCain's family in the 2000 primary season. There are some things honorable people do not forget or forgive.

A vote for president this year does not mean a decision built on negatives. The Arkansas Times happily endorses the Democrat, Barack Obama. His measured judgment on the war is reassuring against a backdrop of continued violence in the Middle East and beyond. He offers a health insurance plan, which, if short of the single-payer plan we prefer, promises more coverage than hard-pressed Americans now enjoy and far more protection than John McCain's tax credit mirage could ever provide. He promises, moreo-ver, an end to the trickle-down Republican economic theory that John McCain espouses. Finally, smarts count for something. We've tried it the other way for eight years.

Vote for Barack Obama.

‘No' on Initiated Act 1

The Family Council of Arkansas, unable to make homosexuality a crime, has settled for the next best thing. It works tirelessly to marginalize gay people. It backed the successful amendment to prohibit same sex marriages in Arkansas. Now it has proposed an initiated act to ban adoption or foster parenting by “cohabitating” couples. The Council protests that the proposal covers gays and straights, but all understand the primary victims – after the children who will be denied stable homes by this mean idea – are gay people.

An all-star lineup of judges, including three former Supreme Court chief justices, have opposed the initiative. They know from ex-perience it will complicate an already difficult process to put blanket rules on child placement. Children could be denied homes with straight relatives in the name of the Family Council's agenda to punish gay people. The state will become sex police. Its agents will  be charged with investigating if a potential parent has “cohabitated” any time recently – or might in the future.

Disingenuous people with malicious intent make for bad law.

Vote “No” on Initiated Act 1.

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