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Tim Griffin: unbelievable


President Obama's plan for Medicare would "balance the budget on the backs of seniors," Rep. Tim Griffin says in a mailing to residents of the Second Congressional District. He lies.

The president's Affordable Care Act, passed over the objections of Griffin and his fellow Republicans, extends the life of Medicare and provides rebates to recipients who are in the dreaded "doughnut hole" for prescription drugs. Griffin and the other Republicans supported a plan to replace Medicare with a voucher system. Their vouchers would have forced low-income Medicare recipients to pay almost $5,000 a year more than they pay now, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Backbreaking.

Republicans hate Medicare the way they hate Social Security, because these are government programs that work, directly refuting the Republican philosophy of every man for himself. (Griffin's mailer was prepared by a national group and distributed to a number of Republican congressmen.)

Not long after receiving Griffin's propaganda, we saw that a poll showed him "in serious jeopardy" of being defeated next year. The poll was conducted by a Democratic-leaning group, true, but it's still easier to believe than Griffin's Medicare falsehood.

"Overwhelming majority doesn't think Tim Griffin deserves re-election" was the inspirational headline on the news release. It was soon followed by an announcement that the majority wants to get rid of Rep. Rick Crawford too. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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