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The week that was

Nov. 10-16, 2004


IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … EXCITEMENT. Twice as many people attend Hog games (at least they do when the Hogs are winning). But Hog games don’t bring current and former presidents, world leaders and cultural attractions too numerous to list. Arkansas has never seen anything quite like the hoopla surrounding the Clinton Presidential Center dedication. CREATIVE ACCOUNTING. State finance director Richard Weiss said state revenues next year will be just about exactly enough to allow the sunsetting of a 3 percent income tax surcharge. If he’s wrong, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. Which is the idea, of course. DANIEL CAYCE. Like his grandmother Jo Ann Cayce, the 17-year-old Bearden student has been named winner of a National Caring Award for helping the poor. NIGHT LIFE. New restaurants in Little Rock inevitably create a rush in the opening days. But we can’t recall anything resembling the buzz attending the opening of Nu Cuisine and Lounge. Don’t go if you fear unruly crowds of the rich and/or beautiful. BASKETBALL. The RimRockers, a new minor league pro hoops squad, opened with a game against a Kentucky team at Alltel Arena. Will fans go for retread Razorbacks against a backdrop of dancing girls and other glitz familiar to arena football fans? We’ll soon see. IT WAS A BAD WEEK FOR … LEADERSHIP. Gov. Mike Huckabee submitted a balanced budget, as the law required. It just happened to omit enough money to meet the mandates of the state school finance ruling. That’s somebody else’s responsibility, not the Huckster’s. ATTORNEY GENERAL MIKE BEEBE. He apologized to the nursing home industry for referring to “bad nursing homes.” As if there are none. No one should ever apologize for speaking the truth.

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