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The Week That Was, Sept. 8-14, 2010



Sept. 8-14, 2010

It was a good week for ...

MAIN STREET MUSIC. A developer announced plans for a jazz club and new apartments in the 300 block of mostly moribund Main Street in the old Blass building.

COLLEGE ENROLLMENT. Most colleges in the state, public and private, reported a surge in enrollment this fall. The college-going cohort is growing nationally by significant amounts, for one thing. The new lottery scholarship money is also thought to have played some role.

REALITY TV. The Arkansas Supreme Court next week will begin live webcasts of oral Supreme Court arguments. Its bandwidth will be tested Sept. 30 when arguments are heard on a new trial for Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3.

SLIMY POLITICS. A shadowy political group called the American Future Fund poured $60,000 into attack ads against Chad Causey, the Democratic nominee for 1st District congress. It's known that the fund's backers include wealthy conservatives who paid for the swift boat attacks on John Kerry.

The LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT. First-week enrollment, both total and in percentage of white students, was up over last year despite charter school competition and harsh criticism from the Chamber of Commerce and the state's largest newspaper.

It was a bad week for ...

REP. JOHN BOOZMAN. Given the chance, he still wouldn't apologize for supporting privatization of Social Security or the bill to replace the income tax with a 30 percent national sales tax. He may win anyway thanks to voters prone to self-inflicting wounds.

MIKE HUCKABEE. His tryout of a syndicated talk show was a ratings flop. There'll always be Fox News. Or, heck. Why not run for president again?

CHIHUAHUAS and other small dogs. One chihuahua was snatched and a couple of other small dogs were almost taken by a coyote — or coyotes — roaming North Little Rock. A trapper was hired to capture the menace.

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