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The week that was, Sept. 28-Oct. 4

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IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Special masters said the 2005 legislature failed schools. A special session seems likely so lawmakers can try again. CHANGING GOVERNMENT. Little Rock began discussions on a proposal to give the mayor broader power and a bigger salary. Good, but we should also discuss the need for mayor-council government with democratic ward elections of all board members. DREW PRITT. He’s a long-shot Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, but he also happens to be right in his lonely view that the governor’s highway and college bond program is a borrow-now-pay-later check kiting scheme. IT WAS A BAD WEEK FOR … GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He now seems likely to run for president on a record of 10-year leadership of unconstitutional public schools. ATTORNEY GENERAL MIKE BEEBE. His likely gubernatorial opponent, Asa Hutchinson, said the legislature shorted schools by providing no additional financial support this year. Yep, Asa was right. See “public schools” above. ASA “BOTH WAYS” HUTCHINSON. Yes, he said the legislature shorted schools. But then he said after the masters’ ruling that money is no solution. The ARKANSAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. It suspended its finance director, under suspicion of spending nearly a quarter-million in symphony money on himself. The REPUBLICAN PARTY. A bevy of GOP heavyweights, including party chairman Gil Baker, appeared as character witnesses for a Faulkner County constable-elect subsequently convicted of kidnapping and burning and beating his ex-girlfriend. This outstanding young man then was named as a suspect in another sexual assault.

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