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The week that was Oct. 27-Nov. 2


It was a good week for … ARKANSAS. No, it doesn’t seem likely to go Democratic for president as we go to press. But victories for U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln and U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, among others, offer some solace. DISCRIMINATION. Arkansas voters approved the amendment to ban same-sex marriage. It will also ban civil unions. It will also require lawsuits before we know for sure how much discrimination has been enabled against gay and straight people in family units. CORPORATE WELFARE. Arkansas voters also approved a way to give away tax money to private companies. It was sold as an industrial development tool and supporters papered over legal shortcomings too numerous to list here. Do we really need it? See next item. WAREHOUSES. The Infinity Group announced construction of a couple of huge distribution centers in West Memphis that will employ hundreds. Why? Perfect location near Fed Ex, rails and highways. No corporate welfare was required. RIDING THE TROLLEY. Yeah, we sneered at the economics and even the usefulness of this expensive new transit toy. But we admit, as service begins, that we like the sight and sound of the bright yellow River Rail cars rumbling about downtown. CANDOR. Stop the presses. University of Arkansas Chancellor John White told the truth. He said black UA enrollment has dipped slightly in part because of publicity about the Nolan Richardson lawsuit, which touched more than once on racism at UA. It was a bad week for … JUSTICE. Odds are long that the West Memphis Three will get a new trial as a result, but a federal court pleading alleges that their convictions in the death of three children in 1993 rested on a tainted jury. The pleading says jurors knew lots about the case, contrary to what they’d said in court, and, more important, some of them considered an inadmissible confession as incriminating evidence in their deliberations.

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