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The week that was Oct. 25-31

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DEMOCRATS. Despite a competing Hog football game, a big crowd turned out for a political rally at the Capitol headlined by U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. The smell of electoral victory was in the air.

LITTLE ROCK GOVERNMENT. A petition drive was begun to ask voters to increase the power of the mayor and elect all city directors by ward. Predictably, business community stooges have already arisen to say what a bad idea democracy would be for the city.

HOG MANIA. UA football fans, many of them calling for coach Houston Nutt’s head a few weeks ago, now want the heads of voters in polls that put the Hogs at merely 13th. The radio shows are full of talk of — we kid you not — playing for the BCS championship if only the polls weren’t rigged against the beloved Pigs.


ROGERS MAYOR STEVE WOMACK. He wants to declare illegal immigrants a public nuisance and adopt a city ordinance to penalize those who employ or rent to people without proper papers. He’ll achieve nothing but making the city a poster child for intolerance.

CHRIS MORRIS. The Republican candidate for state treasurer had to leave his job in Gov. Mike Huckabee’s office because office computers may have been used to distribute campaign material. One item sent out on state computers apparently was a news release from campaign manager Marcus Devine, himself a state agency head. All the while, Huckabee was on the air in political ads talking about how he’d cleaned up state government.


There was Chris Morris, of course. The Huckster also told some other ad whoppers (see Brummett) and did some robocalling for Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson. He almost sounded like he meant his endorsement of his rival for party supremacy. Ten weeks to go.

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