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The Week That Was, Oct. 20-26, 2010


It was a good week for ...

ATHLETIC SPENDING. New figures show that state colleges and universities, in the midst of a near-deflationary recession, spent 11 percent more on athletics in 2009-10 than during the previous year. Most state employees had a pay freeze during that same period. We have our priorities.

SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON. She filmed a video to urge gay kinds to "hang in there" in the face of bullying and to seek help. It was a welcome switch from many other politicians, including President Obama, who continued to defend Don't Ask Don't Tell, and Mike Huckabee, who indicated homosexuality's supposed threat to the family would be a cornerstone of his politicking in Iowa.

It was a bad week for ...

The U.S. FOREST SERVICE. A new report faulted the planning, safety warnings and communications at the Albert Pike Recreation Area on the Little Missouri River where 20 were killed in unprecedented flash flooding.

The state GAME AND FISH COMMISSON. Its three-member ruling committee cooked up a plan to have a special freedom of information act for the agency that would be more restrictive than state law. A huge outcry, from Gov. Mike Beebe down, followed and the plan was scrapped, but not before it gave more fuel to those who'd like to end the agency's constitutional independence.

MIKE HUCKABEE. He blasted Republican kingmaker Karl Rove as a country clubber and elitist, showing off the petulance that's always distinguished him. He won points with the Tea Party, which was probably his aim as he prepares for a presidential run in 2012.

RICK CRAWFORD. The Republican candidate for 1st District Congress has repeatedly branded Democratic opponent Chad Causey as a Washington insider because of his work on the staff of Rep. Marion Berry. But what has Crawford done but bring a string of Washington insiders to Arkansas raise money for him, the latest being Republican House whip Rep. Eric Cantor.

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