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The Week That Was, Oct. 17-23.

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Oct. 17-23, 2007

It was a good week for …

The STATE FAIR. A good entertainment lineup and generally good weather produced a record attendance of more than 440,000.

The RACE FOR THE CURE. More than 45,000 people turned out under sunny skies to participate in the annual fund-raiser to fight breast cancer.

MIKE HUCKABEE. His pulpit manner wowed a crowd of Religious Right conservatives in Washington and the national media continued to focus on his nice guy act, rather than examine his record in Arkansas (not exactly nice) or shortcomings in his campaign policies (zany flat tax, for one).

It was a bad week for …

A STRONG MAYOR. Little Rock voted for a strong mayor. And what's happened? Nothing much in way of government changes, the Democrat-Gazette reports. And 11 months later, despite promising to make mayor a full-time job, Mayor Mark Stodola is still engaged in private law practice.

The UA MED SCHOOL QUOTA SYSTEM. Legislators learned, as we reported long ago, that the scarcity of applicants from eastern and southern Arkansas means marginal students are admitted over strong students from other regions because of the legislatively mandated minimum of 27 spots from each congressional district.

GOV. MIKE BEEBE. He went to bragging, boasting that legislators know “they can't pull one over on us” on account of his legislative experience and that of his chief of staff, former Sen. Morril Harriman. Careful, guv. Somebody might be prompted to ask again how your superior knowledge squares with your and Harriman's past protestations that you knew NOTHING about the ad litem and related scams engineered by fellow senators in the glory days of Nick Wilson. Geniuses can't hide behind the Sgt. Schultz routine.

HOUSTON NUTT. Sure his Hogs beat Ole Miss, but a top recruit threw over the UA because of Nutt's uncertain future and his whining about criticism grew ever more tiresome. A million-dollar job — plus a sweetheart deal for his brother — means high expectations and criticism when they aren't realized.

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