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The week that was Nov. 8-14

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It was a good week for ...

DEMOCRATS. They spent the week gloating over an electoral sweep in Arkansas and retaking the U.S. House and Senate. Democrats even picked up seats in the Arkansas legislature, already overwhelmingly Democratic.

MIKE BEEBE. The governor-elect appointed poultry lobbyist and long-time friend Morril Harriman as his chief of staff and hardly anybody blinked, certainly not legislators. They like Beebe, Harriman and lobbyists’ credit cards, though not necessarily in that order. Can you say gubernatorial honeymoon?

The RAZORBACKS. They thumped Tennessee before a record crowd in Fayetteville and moved to the fringe of national championship consideration.

It was a bad week for …

GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He said the descent of the Republican Party in Arkansas to its lowest state since before he became governor was no reflection on his 10 years of state party leadership.

VOTER CONFIDENCE. In Benton County, until people started complaining, they claimed accuracy of vote totals that showed more than 100 percent turnout in some precincts.

The LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT. An employee reported to the School Board that the administration had been keeping bad news from the board about lack of district compliance with federal court desegregation directives.

SALINE COUNTY. Its voters re-elected a sheriff, Phil Mask, who diverted public money to private uses. Some lawman.


He pardoned a slew of people, include Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards for a long-ago driving offense, but otherwise was busy raking in housewarming gifts against the day in January when he returns to the private sector. Eight weeks to go.

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