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The week that was Nov. 3-9


IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … = RKANSAS DEMOCRATS. Laugh not. They held onto five of six congressional seats and increased their majority in the state House of Representatives by two seats. Plus, Sue Madison held a Senate seat in Fayetteville, where a heavily funded Republican backed by Gov. Mike Huckabee was thought to have a good shot. POSTURING. Gov. Mike Huckabee had the brass to say he’s dissatisfied with the pace of “initiatives” to make Arkansas healthy. It’s his administration, after all. Plus, the main thing getting healthier in Arkansas is Huckabee’s jawbone, working nonstop to issue self-praise and to tape TV ads, the main “initiative” of the campaign. IT WAS A BAD WEEK FOR … MARRIAGE. Gov. Mike Huckabee’s latest publicity ploy is a mass covenant marriage ceremony on Valentine’s Day that he hopes will garner more national media attention for his infant 2008 presidential campaign. Showy public professions of religiosity are no substitute for the day-to-day effort of making a marriage work. FOOTBALL. After losing to South Carolina, the Hogs will be lucky to land in a weed-whacker level bowl and then only if they win out. Basketball, anyone? PRIVATE SCHOOLS. A plug is about to be pulled on a foundation started with Walton money to pay to send kids to private schools. Some 500 private schoolers in Arkansas will need replacement money or have to return to those dreaded public schools. Could it be that the rich folks who backed this program have turned their attention to the successful charter school movement, in which quasi-private schools are set up with public money? EARLY VOTERS. They learned their long waits could have been avoided had they simply waited to vote at their regular polls on election day. Lines were short and they moved quickly, for the most part.

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