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The Week That Was, Nov. 24-30, 2010


It was a good week for ...

The RAZORBACKS. The football team rocked a packed War Memorial Stadium with a 31-23 win over favored LSU that put the 10-2 Hogs in line for a major bowl game.

BRIAN MULLER. An Ozark native discharged from military duty defusing explosives in Afghanistan because he is gay lobbied Congress to end discrimination against gay troops.

SHEFFIELD NELSON. The former gas executive and former Republican gubernatorial candidate is telling anyone who'll listen that the severance tax wasn't raised enough to pay for damages the drillers are causing to state roads. For good measure, Nelson has been a one-man wrecking crew on Game and Fish Commission efforts to do business in private.

CLIFF LEE, the major league pitcher, and his wife KRISTEN, who gave $1 million to Arkansas Children's Hospital in recognition of cancer treatment their son once received.

It was a bad week for ...

SEN. MARK PRYOR, who tipped his 2014 election strategy (go waaaaaay right) by: 1. Declaring opposition to open service by gay people in the military. Homosexuality is a sin, Pryor said. 2. Declaring opposition to the DREAM Act, which would use college education or military service as a path to citizenship for children brought to the U.S. by undocumented immigrants. His talking points on both issues were erroneous and a depressingly verbatim parroting of right-wing playbooks.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK ELECTRIC CUSTOMERS. Mayor Pat Hays signaled that he'll continue to shore up a city budget hit by declining sales tax revenue with electric rates. Talk about regressive taxes. Think about the mayor's submarine every time you hit a light switch in NLR.

ERNIE PASSAILAIGUE. The state lottery director continued to deflect questions about his high-handed, big-spending ways and lottery audit shortcomings by talking about college scholarships. Arkansas could provide more than 60 more scholarships a year by firing Passailaigue. It's time.

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