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The week that was Nov. 23-29

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JERMAIN TAYLOR. The Arkansas middleweight boxer defended his world title with a convincing victory over Bernard Hopkins in Las Vegas.

ARKANSAS. Its sudden love affair with, of all things, a boxer (well, football hasn’t been so great lately) seems likely to be rewarded with a Jermain Taylor title fight at Alltel Arena.

SPRINGDALE HIGH SCHOOL. Its football team, led by quarterback phenom Mitch Mustain, smashed West Memphis in the state finals to complete an undefeated, virtually untested season before a record crowd at War Memorial Stadium.

NAIL CARE. Beginning Dec. 22, you may again pack small scissors on an airplane, not to mention screwdrivers and other small tools, thanks to a relaxation of security rules.


The UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. Mitch Mustain (see above) has now sent signals that he may not join the Hogs next year as expected. He’s giving Tennessee some consideration. And waiting to see what happens with the Hogs’ unsettled coaching situation.

HIGHWAY BONDS. Even the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce is apparently lukewarm about this poorly drafted revolving credit line proposed in an election next week for the Highway Commission. According to a memo obtained by the Democrat-Gazette, the C of C was persuaded to endorse the bonds in part because of fear of retaliation by our not-so-compassionate conservative governor, Mike Huckabee.

GAMBLING. The Arkansas Family Council, a conservative religious lobby, may slow the expansion of machine gambling at Oaklawn and Southland race tracks. It sued to challenge the state law permitting the expanded gambling at the tracks, under the ruse that video poker and the like are games of “skill.” Winnings will be 83 cents on every dollar bet, no matter how “skillful” a gambler might be.

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