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The Week That Was, Nov. 1

For the week of Oct. 24-30

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Oct. 24-30, 2007

It was a good week for …

GOV. MIKE BEEBE. He won't staff a Washington office, where Mike Huckabee had employed five people who did — what exactly besides promote Huckabee? And give him another pat on the back for continuing opposition to the gay-bashing Family Council's measure to limit adoption and foster parenting to married couples.

IMMIGRANTS. A broad coalition including churches, the ACLU and business giants with names like Tyson, Alltel and Stephens was announced to work against punitive local and state laws targeting immigrants. The group, which includes Times publisher Alan Leveritt, says immigration enforcement should remain a federal responsibility.

The WEST MEMPHIS THREE. A federal court filing, buttressed by DNA evidence, made a strong case that the three young men — one on Death Row and two serving life sentences — were wrongly convicted in the slayings of three West Memphis children in 1993.

SECRECY. A Sherwood man fired warning shots in the air Oct. 23, thinking burglars were prowling around an outbuilding. Later that night, a man was found dead. A week later, cops still wouldn't discuss the cause of the man's death (though we learned it was gunshot wounds) or release any information about the investigation, likely because of the ticklish question of whether charges were justified in use of deadly force to defend property far-removed from the shooter's house.

It was a bad week for …

POLICE CHIEF STUART THOMAS. According to an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette report, the Little Rock police chief pulled strings for City Director Joan Adcock so that a friend of hers wouldn't go to jail on unpaid traffic charges. He got an order springing the woman not from the judge who issued the arrest warrant, Vic Fleming, but from Judge Lee Munson.

CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART. The Walton-financed showplace in Bentonville won't open until 2010 because of unexpected difficulties with foundation work.

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