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The week that was March 15-21

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SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. A Democrat-Gazette analysis of Gov. Huckabee’s idea to cap school administrative expenses at 7 percent showed it would affect only a relative handful of small districts.

GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He survived a couple more ethics complaints — one over using office resources to promote his bond initiatives, the other over his Mansion administrator’s hiring of his kids to work part-time at the Mansion, where his wife is also employed. Campaigning on state time and a little nepotism are OK, the Ethics Commission ruled. Good thing for this administration.

RAIN. Wet stuff three days running. What a welcome change. Now, how about some sunshine?

CONSENSUS. Signs point to an April 3 special session to appropriate more money for school operation and construction.


COST OVERRUNS. Surprise. That new North Little Rock baseball stadium is costing more than forecast.

JIM GUY TUCKER. His appeal of the last remaining element of the Whitewater investigation was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court. He’ll go down in history as a felon for a bookkeeping crime so arcane that lawyers didn’t realize until years later that it no longer existed.

HOUSEHOLD BUDGETS. Electric rates will rise by 20 percent in North Little Rock over the next year and Entergy will increase its rates 9.9 percent in April.

ACCOUNTABILITY. The Academics Plus Charter School in Maumelle was mismanaged to the point of bankruptcy. Instead of shutting it, state officials have been working overtime to save it.

STAN HEATH. A late-season hero, the Hog basketball coach became a goat after the Hogs’ uninspiring loss to Bucknell in the opening round of the NCAA tournament.

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