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The Week that was June 6-12



It was a good week for …

LITTLE ROCK. Dassault Falcon announced a major expansion of its aircraft finishing plant at Little Rock National Airport. It will create 200 new jobs by the end of the year with the expansion.

LITTLE ROCK NATIONAL AIRPORT. It announced new nonstop flights to Denver and Washington Dulles.

LIGHT RATIONS. Sen. Blanche Lincoln subsisted for three days on the $3 daily worth of food stamps provided a typical Arkansan on food stamps.

It was a bad week for …

SCOFFLAWS. The Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau began cracking down on restaurants that don’t pay the burger tax. Some restaurant operators don’t seem to understand that if you collect a tax and then keep it yourself, it looks an awful lot like theft.

MIKE HUCKABEE. He had to cancel a planned Washington press speech because of lack of interest. His congressional campaign chair, Rep. Don Young, continues to get involved in influence-peddling scandals. He remains low in the polls.

LOBBYISTS. After the Democrat-Gazette began inspecting the records, a number of lobbyists found they had, er, overlooked reporting some of their expenditures on legislative entertainment. The only cure: Ban lobbyist entertainment.

The STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION. It approved continued operation of two charter schools that had failed to meet financial standards. A grant from the Walton Family Foundation propped up one school, in Imboden, and an employee of the Foundation, Naccaman Williams, said he saw no conflict of interest in voting to continue taxpayer support for a school his employer is backing.

OUACHITA COUNTY. A state audit found that the county judge’s former administrative assistant ran up more than $150,000 worth of charges — cigarettes, gum, jewelry, electronics — on the county’s Wal-Mart credit card.

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