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The week that was June 28-July 3

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The ARKANSAS SUPREME COURT. It ruled unanimously that a state panel had no power (or evidence) on which to base its rule barring gay people from being foster parents.

DEMAGOGUES. Most of the major candidates for political office, including both the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor, took turns seeing who could proclaim loudest that gay people were unfit to raise children. The louder they brayed the more likely they were to be misinterpreting the narrow ground on which the Supreme Court decided the foster parent case.

VIDEO POKER. Testimony before the state Racing Commission indicated that video poker — which some have called the crack cocaine of gambling for its addictiveness and low return — will indeed be the primary action when the Oaklawn and Southland race tracks expand gambling options under 2005 legislation.


BETTER SCHOOLS. Circuit Judge Jay Moody blocked the closure of Paron High School on account of long bus rides. He held there was no evidence of the benefit of bus rides. Never mind that students at Bryant High School, to which the Paron students were to be transferred, are offered dozens more courses and dozens more activities than students at pitiful Paron. The ruling could be a template for preserving other deficient schools.

REP. JOHN BOOZMAN. The Third District congressman joined a group of reactionary Republicans blocking the extension of the Voting Rights Act because it would aid people who don’t speak English as their primary language. He also opposed the Democratic proposal to raise the minimum wage.

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