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The Week that Was, Jan. 27-Feb. 4.



JAN. 27-FEB. 2, 2010

It was a GOOD week for...

ICE. An ice storm becalmed most of the state for several days and punished some with loss of power. Driving was hazardous.

The HOGS. The men's basketball team ended a 15-game SEC road losing streak with a victory over Ole Miss.

JOHN TYSON. The UA trustee questioned the athletic department's $20 million building plan to cover offices, a banquet room and other “infrastructure.” Tyson said it seemed a lot for 450 students, departing from the usual acquiescence to jock spending.

It was a BAD week for...

Another poll showed her trailing her latest announced challenger, U.S. Rep. John Boozman. She took comfort in superior fund-raising.

ARKANSAS MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Polled by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, only one of them (retiring Rep. Vic Snyder) expressed support for President Obama's call to welcome homosexuals into the military. Common sense opposition to a rule that limits mili-tary recruiting is another reason we'll miss Vic Snyder.

HOUSE SPEAKER ROBBIE WILLS. He said he would flout the House rule against campaign fund-raising by House members during a legisla-tive session (claiming it's not intended to prohibit congressional fund-raising). He also said he'd have voted against health reform legislation. It was an inauspicious start to a campaign by a man who wants to succeed Vic Snyder.

ARKANSAS TECH STUDENTS. The school was forced to rescind scholarship offers to comply with a state cap on scholarship spending that the university had exceeded for three years — to the detriment of non-scholarship students.

The NORTH LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT. It got a grilling from federal Judge Brian Miller about its desire to be released from desegregation supervision. Its students' scores, minority recruiting efforts and lack of an integrated workforce in better neighborhoods all came in for deserved scrutiny.

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