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The Week That Was, Dec. 6

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Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2007

It was a good week for …

MIKE HUCKABEE. His new lead in Iowa polling cemented his position in the top tier of Republican presidential candidates. But … his religion-baiting of Mitt Romney drew unflattering press attention.

The HOGS. The football team landed a spot in a real bowl — the Cotton Bowl — against Missouri. But … at our press time they still lacked a head coach.

POP HYSTERIA. Nearly 16,000 fans — mostly young girls — filled Alltel Arena with delighted shrieks for a Hannah Montana show for which some parents admitted they paid almost $500 per seat.

HOUSTON NUTT. The Hog football coach left a restless fan base in Arkansas with $3.2 million in his pocket and, hours later, a new job at Ole Miss worth millions more.

It was a bad week for …

The REPUBLICAN PARTY. When an underfunded, gimmicky joke machine has what it takes to leap to the top in Iowa caucuses, you have to ask yourself about the overall quality of the presidential field.

UA CHANCELLOR JOHN WHITE. Could he have possibly mishandled oversight of athletics at the university any worse? Rather than end the Houston Nutt soap opera, he added a few more episodes. (See Max Brantley.)

STATE SEN. DENNY ALTES. The troglodyte Republican from Fort Smith wrote in an e-mail of how blacks and Hispanics were overrunning the U.S. The e-mail was leaked to a TV station. Altes issued a tearful apology.

RACIAL HARMONY. A black circuit judge in Crittenden County wouldn't accept a special prosecutor's finding that exonerated West Memphis police in the shooting death of a 12-year-old black child. Judge Victor Hill ordered a special grand jury to consider the case, saying those investigating exhibited racial prejudice.

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