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The Week That Was, Dec. 27

Final days of 2007

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It was a good week for …

MIKE HUCKABEE. Polling trends showed him on the verge of the national lead among Republican presidential candidates, with others trending down. A Christmas-themed TV ad — complete with cross — won high praise among the kinds of voters most likely to vote in Iowa.

CLEAN WATER. The Pulaski Quorum Court voted a moratorium on development in the Lake Maumelle watershed so land use rules could be developed.

ARKANSAS. Personal income growth in the state ranked ninth nationally in the third quarter.

The WEST MEMPHIS THREE. Dixie Chick Natalie Maines lent her high-profile name for the growing campaign to win their freedom on 1994 murder convictions.

REP. ROBBIE WILLS. The last remaining opponent conceded to Wills in the race for House speaker in 2009.

GUN NUTS. The Game and Fish Commission gave the OK for hunters to pack concealed weapons in places where weapons had previously been prohibited. You never know when some archer out searching for turkey might have a need to whip out his Glock to ventilate somebody. For the time being, the Rich White Boys Rod and Gun Club still will allow private landowners to prohibit concealed weapons on their private property. That right probably will die next year.

It was a bad week for …

The ARKANSAS TIMES. See Mike Huckabee. Know where we can scalp some inaugural tickets?

LITTLE ROCK GOVERNMENT. Its solution to a budget shortfall was more money, not a thorough review of where the city perhaps could cut jobs.

BIGOTRY. A Maumelle woman received a six-month federal prison sentence for sending a racially hateful letter to a neighbor.

NOTE: This column was prepared Friday, Dec. 21, to accommodate Christmas week printing schedules.

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