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The Week That Was, Dec. 13

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Dec. 5-11, 2007

It was a good week for …

MIKE HUCKABEE. His Republican candidacy rose to the top of at least two national polls despite an abundance of bad news:

• More reporting — and the words of his own staff member — made it clearer than ever that he'd intervened on behalf of freedom for convicted rapist and future killer Wayne Dumond.

• His uninformed answers to questions in 1992 about AIDS and homosexuality were unearthed. He stood by them, though most commentators reeled at Huckabee's assertion then that AIDS sufferers should be isolated from the rest of society.

• The night the world learned the U.S. had no evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, Huckabee told reporters he hadn't heard about it.

• Former aides revealed tobacco money was funneled secretly to Huckabee to shore up his income in his early days as lieutenant governor.

PAUL T. GRAY. The Russellville geography and international studies teacher — who has recruited diverse classes for his Advanced Placement courses among other extra efforts — was named the Arkansas 2008 Teacher of the Year.

SECRECY. The Little Rock School District stopped broadcasting board agenda meetings the very week there was a long and important discussion about whether the Board will build sufficient elementary and middle school classrooms for demand in West Little Rock.

TAX INCREASES. Mayor Mark Stodola proposed raising water and sewer bills to meet a city money shortfall. (They call them fees; they feel like taxes to us.)

It was a bad week for …

The UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. Doesn't anybody want to coach the football Razorbacks? Or do they only want to use talks with the Hogs to enhance existing contracts? At our press time, the search was still on and Wake Forest's Jim Grobe was the most recent to get cold feet about becoming a Hog.

DARREN MCFADDEN. The star Razorback running back was a second-place finisher again in Heisman Trophy voting.

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