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The week that was Aug. 16-22

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DEBT. Despite a huge state surplus, college leaders and politicians prefer to borrow the money for $150 million in college construction needs, meaning the work will cost two or three times the cash price. There will be a vote on the borrowing in November.

CENTRAL ARKANSAS WATER. Deltic Timber lost its bid to string out the proceeding on condemnation of land the water utility wants to protect Lake Maumelle. Now only price remains in contention in court.

WAISTLINES. The state says the increasing rate of obesity among school children appears to have been arrested, based on body mass index data on most public school children. The Huckster takes credit, naturally.

The UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS. The colossus of Conway says it will enroll 12,000 students this fall.


POLLING. One poll shows Mike Beebe up 4 points in the race for governor. Another has him up 21. Who you gonna trust? Either way, he’s ahead.

EDUCATION. Despite evidence that Paron High School students want more in the way of curriculum than their deficient school has offered, Circuit Judge Jay Moody ignored clear signals from the state Supreme Court and ordered the inadequate high school kept open so students could avoid long bus rides. It would cost a ton to preserve the inefficient school and the ruling gaved hope to inadequate schools all over Arkansas. Moody’s ruling also produced a chaotic situation where students had been headed to stability by, in the case of those who didn’t want to go to Bryant, transferring to closer schools. (Then after our print edition went to press, more confusion. Moody reversed himself and said the school could close after all.)

Newspapers in New Hampshire see more of him than we do. In 19 weeks, he can camp in New England and Iowa full-time.

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