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The week that was, April 4-10

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It was a good week for …

The UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. After an untold number of tries, the UA finally landed a men’s basketball coach, John Pelphrey of South Alabama. His record isn’t much better than that of the man they fired, Stan Heath. And the hiring came after news of positive drug tests and some poor academic work on the part of Hog basketball players.

WINTER. Arkansas didn’t have much of one, until this week. Then came a rare freeze, which nipped a number of emerging crops in the bud. The early spring had gotten gardeners irrationally exuberant about planting. Bye-bye early tomatoes.

It was a bad week for …

The LITTLE ROCK SCHOOL DISTRICT. A board majority seems intent on firing Superintendent Roy Brooks. Whether you support or oppose the idea, the racial turmoil doesn’t seem likely to subside soon.

The ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE. First it compared angry, abusive supporters of Roy Brooks with the calm, kids’-interests-only women of the Women’s Emergency Committee of school crisis days. Then the newspaper equated the firing of a school superintendent for enumerated reasons — agree with them or not — with a lynching. Then it hypocritically urged healing. The D-G is for healing only if the publisher gets his way in the school district.

LT. GOV. BILL HALTER. He told the Democrat-Gazette he had a good session. But the D-G’s devastating article said he lacked influence in the Senate, may have caused more harm than good to a lottery proposal and had no influence with the governor.

The 39th INFANTRY BRIGADE OF THE ARKANSAS NATIONAL GUARD. It got notice to prepare for a second call-up for Iraq service.

WAL-MART. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Arkansas-based retailer had done surveillance on its employees, critics, stockholders and consultants, including — shades of the FBI and Martin Luther King — by infiltrating an anti-Wal-Mart group.

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