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The Times recommends



The Times recommends

Last week, the Times endorsed JUDGE WENDELL GRIFFEN for re-election to the Arkansas Court of Appeals and JOYCE ELLIOTT for state Senate from District 33.

The lengthy list of judicial races includes several candidates worthy of positive mention: CATHI COMPTON for Circuit Court, Division 11; HUGH FINKELSTEIN and ALICE LIGHTLE for the criminal division of Little Rock District Court, and GARY SULLIVAN and SLOCUM PICKELL for the environmental division of Little Rock District Court.

Noted: Mark Leverett, also a candidate for the environmental court, has been legal representative for the problem-plagued Cycle Breakers probation program. In that role, he fought valid Freedom of Information requests and misrepresented the program's soundness to other public officials, hardly a recommendation for a judgeship.

The election is May 20. Early voting is already under way.


McCain's poodles

n Perhaps the most persistent and popular of conservative myths is the one about the “liberal media.” The Right quotes this even more than the one about the Supreme Court banning prayer in the schools, or the one that says an increase in the minimum wage causes unemployment.

The big media outlets are overwhelmingly conservative Republican. So are the owners of the big media outlets, uncoincidentally. Murdock, Moon, General Electric, Westinghouse — no lefties there.

In their new book “Free Ride: John McCain and the Media,” David Brock and Paul Waldman quote big-media journalists on the presumed Republican presidential nominee:

“ ‘Mr. McCain is running as the blunt anti-politician who won't lie, who won't spin' (Alison Mitchell, The New York Times); ‘While most candidates talk up their chances, McCain engages in anti-spin' (Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post); ‘There's something authentic about this man' (Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes); ‘The press loves McCain. We're his base' (Chris Matthews, MSNBC).”

Although they've given Barack Obama trouble over the Rev. Wright thing, the media have much preferred him to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race. They hate the Clintons madly. (What have these two middle-of-the-road politicians done to incite such passion? Defeat Republicans is the answer, apparently.) When Obama is running against McCain, as it appears he will be, he'll be running on a very different track, against a candidate who's the media's choice. He'll need the advice of someone who's shown that if the people are on your side, you don't need the press. Bill Clinton may yet turn out to be Barack Obama's best friend.  

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