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The Televisionist, Nov. 26


PUSSY GALORE: Throughout the Bond marathon on SyFy.
  • PUSSY GALORE: Throughout the Bond marathon on SyFy.


Starts 6:30 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 26



When it comes to movies, you can't do a lot better than the Godfather Trilogy. Yeah, OK, the third movie was a little pointless and unneeded, but the first two were the cinematic equivalent of single malt scotch, perfectly paced and plotted, full of careful and nuanced performances. Case in point: Marlon Brando's performance as Don Vito Corleone. A couple years back, while I was in my cups, I was heard to exclaim that Brando was one of those actors who — like James Dean — probably should have had the good sense to croak when he was young and beautiful instead of when he was old and fat and weird. A more levelheaded friend reminded me of “The Godfather,” and that was all it took for me to shut up and count my blessings. Here, AMC puts on an all day loop of the landmark trilogy. It'll keep pulling you BACK IN!




Starts 8 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 26



As a big fan of science fiction movies and television, there are times when I wonder about just what kind of yahoo they've got manning the switch over at SyFy. First, a couple years back, they put on wrasslin'. What a bunch of sweaty meatheads in tiny spandex underpants has to do with spaceships, killer aliens and time travel, I'll never know, but there it was. Second, they changed their name inexplicably from The Sci-Fi Channel to SyFy, which doesn't seem to make a hell of a lot of sense, especially from a grammatical standpoint. Then there's this: A Thanksgiving Day Marathon of James Bond flicks. Yeah, Bond does have some cool gadgets, and the movies do feature frickin' lasers from time to time, but seriously folks: Other than his Captain Kirk-like sexual appetite, what's sci-fi about James Bond? Anyway, don't try to overthink it. Just watch. Here's a slate of eight of 007's best, including “Dr. No,”  “Casino Royale” and “The Man with the Golden Gun.”



5:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29



Like I said above, I dig science fiction flicks. But if there's anything I dig more than sci-fi, it's a good ol' fashioned fantasy. Those movies where strange things sorta come out of left field in an otherwise realistic movie are always loads of fun. Here's one of the better ones of that genre from recent years, the under-appreciated Adam Sandler vehicle “Click.” In the movie, an overworked and increasingly disillusioned architect (Sandler) goes looking for a new TV remote. He winds up at Bed Bath and Beyond. In the back of the store, he finds a room marked “Beyond,” staffed by a mad scientist (or should that be “God”?) who sells him a very special remote that has the power to pause, fast-forward and rewind time and space. From there, problems arise for both Sandler and his family. While the movie ends up a bit sticky sweet, it's definitely a good time, with more than a few thought-provoking moments of grace. Check it out.


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