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The Televisionist, June 19




8 p.m. Sunday, June 22

The History Channel

Come up with enough dough, and you can find someone to do anything. The proof of that can be seen every week on the History Channel's reality hit “Ice Road Truckers.” See, Canadian diamond mines and oil fields near the Arctic Circle need tons of equipment every year. The only way to get those vital supplies from point A to point B:  In the dead of Arctic winter, when the lakes and rivers are hard frozen, plow a narrow, 600-mile strip of clear ice, creating a road. Next — and this is the hard part — pull your fully loaded big rig onto the ice and drive it. Go too fast and set up a pressure wave that cracks the ice, and you die. Break down in the 40-below-zero wastes, and you die. Stray off the road in a whiteout, and you die. Hit a thin patch, and you die. Seeing a pattern here? Still, for those with stones enough to brave the ice road, the rewards can be great.


7 p.m. Tuesday, June 25

BBC America

Don't floss like you should? Love the sugary colas a little too much? No prob. Just buy a tiny TV set, park it on top of your toilet tank, and run this documentary from the always titillating “BBC America Presents” series on a continuous loop. After an hour of teeth that look like London after the Blitz, we guarantee that you'll be a tooth-care fiend, brushing, flossing and rinsing day and night. British teeth are, of course, legendarily bad, but the good ol' BBC has managed to pry out the genuine WTF? cases from among the Queen's brown-toothed multitudes. We've already had the pleasure of catching the premiere of this ode to the power of dental hygiene, and all we can say is, Holy. Crap. We'd say more, but we've got a toothbrush in our mouth.

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